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  • outer VS inner skin

    When I was reading FAQ on TLC tugger site and :
    Having the scar in the outer facing area seems sub-optimal because that means some original mucosal skin is now facing out to be dried and abraded.
    Don't you think inner skin has more nerves and restoring inner mucosal skin is preferable ?
    So what that part of it will be out of touching with glans ? It will be just less sensitive than but ither restored skin will be identical as it was before circumcision.

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    You need to grow both inner and outer. Most guys need to grow much more outer skin than inner. When you're done you want you scar line just inside the rollover point and as much inner skin in contact with the glans as possible. Having a double layer of outer skin right at the end will help pucker it down more due to the dartos contained in the outer skin. Growing inner skin typically comes at the later stages of restoration and there's plenty of time for making adjustments. For now just grow skin, whatever you can.