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What comes first, CI-4 or 100% FEC?

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  • What comes first, CI-4 or 100% FEC?

    Hi, as I'm close to CI-4, I was wondering What comes first, CI-4 or 100% FEC? or both happen at the same time?

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    I would imagine that depends on a lot of things. The biggest factor is probably whether your a grower or a shower. If you have a much larger erection then flaccid then your CI4 will probably come first, but if you don't get a lot bigger when erect then the FEC will happen first. I'm still CI3 but I have about 110% FEC


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      How much girth you gain and the size increase of your glans has an impact too. Don't worry about CI this or FEC that. Just KOT. When you have enough skin it will rollover. I have enough skin to be a CI 4, but due to the larger than the shaft size of my glans, it won't roll over until I have A LOT of skin. Probably will end up being a CI 5 when it does. Good thing is, though, my larger glans will act as a barrier in the opposite direction helping to keep the skin covering things. Until then its elephant trunk impersonation!


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        CI-4 came before 100% FEC for me. I was almost CI-5 before I hit 100% FEC.
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