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Foreskin And Scratching Your Feet

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  • Foreskin And Scratching Your Feet

    This is a very going to be a very interesting point I am making. Unfortunately I have been having some problems with my feet recently that has left them extremely itchy. While scratching them it felt like the best feeling in the world, better then anything I have ever even remotely felt from my penis. Then I recalled that the nerve types on the bottom of the feet are exactly the same as that cut off in the inner foreskin. My penis honestly barely feels like much of anything good at all, other then some kind of pressure or instinct. It is often a painful or uncomfortable feeling at the same time. This experience with my feet has given me a huge insight into some of the wonderfulness that was destroyed and replaced with pain, discomfort and not much feeling at all that has been left of my penis. We will never be whole unless we get our actual foreskin back. The more I experience the more I can comprehend the enormity of this huge crime that has been committed against us.

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    Ah....I know what you mean! When I rub my left part of my glans beside the urine tract hole my right foot gets that burning feeling. Doing it with my right part of the glans had the same effect with my left foot. Oh it also feels so good btw.

    I think that's what you mean. Also don't worry as you tug the benefits will keep on coming.

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      Ah. And so it begins........

      First of all: everything that anyone would want to know about Meissner's corpuscles. In the General section we can learn about stuff (but only if we want to):

      But more importantly, for everyone here:

      1. Why would anyone associate "being whole" with the nerve endings in their foreskin? Seems a bit out of balance, in the real world. We are complicated organisms, with complicated roles which we can fill in this life; we can even try to add to the common good, when it occurs to us. You might be 'less whole' (which is a stretch, no pun intended), but only fractionally less. You aren't, none of us are, just a penis. And....

      2. Considering that this forum is about RESTORING at least some of that loss, which turns out to be far more benefit than non tuggers know about, then it's a disservice not to mention it. NOT referring to this important solution to the 'enormous and huge problem' is to keep it from the positive light it deserves.

      3. On a restoration forum, "A". (perceived loss) leads to the good news about "B". (restoring), except for those who have likely never attempted B, and who likely will never consider B. Their focus seems to be blind to B, all the while exaggerating A. My advice is to not be that kind of person. You'll thank yourself for it one day.

      The orig. post really belongs in the Grief section. It focuses on loss and nothing beyond that. That we lost something by being circumcised is hardly news to any of us. And in the Grief section you can post with a focus only on "A", especially when you use the usual hyperbole common in that section.

      Or, what you could do here, is acknowledge the message of restoration, and for that matter, the guys who've moved on. They deserve it. If you want to ignore the solution, that's your choice of course, but I hope you don't. At least acknowledge their courage to begin, and their effort in continuing on, even if you don't want to refer to the message they listened to. It's a good and useful message, and a practice that just about anyone can do to become more "whole".

      (Ironic, isn't it? Grieving the loss of being "whole", while not mentioning a solution towards that wholeness).

      In my opinion you should at least "move on" in the small way by asking the Admin to move your post to Grief. Your message is well known, and central in that section, and your hyperbole really belongs there.
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        Yeah, cheer up Mitchell7.

        KOT and it will be much much better. If your skeptical bout restoring try retaining using medical tapes. That alone will bring back more sensations, I've gone through the same thinking phase as you btw. Also there is Foregen matter little hope I have on them there lies the possibility of regenerating the true foreskin.

        On the positive side other erogenous parts of your body during intimacy or during alone. Your feet is one of them so do pleasure them. Our Ears, stomach, navel, butt, back, neck, prostrate and etc has lots of nerve endings. Do exploit them for better experience! Try deep breathing too while your at it, it does feel very gooood!

        So in the meantime lets KOT!


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          If it helps you feel better, your finger tips are extremely touch sensitive, so much so that when you finger your partner you feel every part of them, way more then your cock would. So when I found out about the losses from circumcision I jumped to the conclusion that had I been left intact, I would have that same exact touch sensitivity with my penis. This made me a very miserable person. However, I'm not so sure this is actually the case. One of my good friends is intact and I had a conversation with him about it, and while he confirmed full body orgasms exist, he said no part of his penis is anywhere close to as touch sensitive as his fingers.


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            Originally posted by Violator
            One of my good friends is intact and I had a conversation with him about it, and while he confirmed full body orgasms exist, he said no part of his penis is anywhere close to as touch sensitive as his fingers.
            Yeah I belive it's very mentally involved if you want get great orgasms. You have to belive you'll get one, forget about the bad effects of circumcision during intimacy. Concentrate on the sensations.

            I recommend the book Multioragmic man btw ( I had great success with it.