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My 70th birthday picture

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  • My 70th birthday picture

    With the usual variations, depending on temperature, just out of the shower etc, I have an average flaccid length of 3 to 3.5 inches. On my tugging journey I have been able to maintain flaccid coverage for some years, but the effect was to always shorten my dangle, pushing my penis back toward my body. After more than 11 years, I have pretty much stopped as far as regular tugging goes, but I thought I would post a birthday update. My glans is covered at all states of tumescence except for fully erect when the tip of the glans will begin to show. This picture has a little touch of erection happening, but it shows that the skin I have gained is easily sufficient to cover my usual flaccid length with no foreshortening and some generous bunching beyond the glans. I post the picture to show what can be done. I wish I had found out about restoration when I was much younger. However, I am certain that my ability to enjoy a sex life at 70 can be attributed totally to the function that has been restored and the delicious feelings generated by a soft glans and a slinky gliding action. Now I just have to live long enough to enjoy it!

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    Happy Birthday!

    That's some cozy sock you got there and a nice pucker. Glad to hear your still enjoying sex at 70, I had always this mindset of when I grow older I can't enjoy sex that much. I guess that ain't true!

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      Congratulations, sir! Personal satisfaction, and you may not think of it this way but you've taken your place in history, actually for some time now; a place on the internet, and a place in the lineage of the finished. That may be a odd way to put it, but there it is.

      It's effort well done, effort that has its place in internet history, and effort that serves as an example for the honest and genuine who follow you. So......may you not only live long enough to enjoy it, may you live long enough to sit back in a reclining chair, with the beverage of your choice, and enjoy the past memories of having enjoyed it!
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        Lookin Good!

        Way to go, you have succeeded!


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          Congrats...very inspiring, both the restoration *and* an active sex life at 70!


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            Happy Birthday, Congrats on the OEM Foreskin Restoration ! Just goes to prove one is never too late and with steady dedication the benefits are reached.
            Cheers Woody Hoody! Great Post and inspiration for others. :-)