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  • uneven stretching

    I was wondering if anyone else has skin pulling more on one side than the other and how to fix it. I alternate legs when tugging every week and have about 1/4" more skin over the left side of my glans than the right. The right barely has any skin covering the glans.

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    Just do some manual tugging to fix it.


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      It all evens out in the end, more or less. Any unevenness becomes barely noticeable, if noticeable at all, and I can promise that.

      1. Remember you aren't "stretching" skin permanently, you are causing your skin to add additional cells, cell by cell. That happens microscopically, and only 'here and there' at the deepest level of skin, so what you see now on the larger level isn't what you will see as an ongoing result in the years to come. A skin cell is about 30 micrometers, or 0.0011811 inch in size. That can't be seen with the naked eye, and has to be stained to even see it with a conventional microscope. So you haven't actually seen "uneven" results from tugging yet, and you likely never will.

      2. And even more importantly, you aren't growing a "tube". This is important to understand. You are just causing more shaft skin to eventually grow, which you THEN roll down into a double fold of skin to make that "tube", and THAT WILL EVEN THINGS OUT AS WELL. Understanding this, this double fold, is key to understanding what we do. Not everybody understands these facts, but then they don't have to. Just tug, just go on tugging, and you will see what you want to see, and you won't see anything you didn't want to see, because skin does it all.


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        Sorry just saw your post. Glad I ran across this as I've grown discouraged since starting a year ago and I'm not seeing any results yet.