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    First off, I know the coverage index isn't an accurate representation of progress, but I'm really only interested in the "state" of my foreskin as it is. As such I'm hoping to get some clarification on CI-4 and CI-5 in particular. I believe im at a CI-4 because my foreskin rolls over the corona in my smallest and (sometimes) average flaccid size. It snaps back behind the corona when I'm in my larger flaccid sizes, such as right after a hot shower or in warm weather. Is this CI-4? Or do I need to have coronal rollover in ALL flaccid states? Is the latter considered CI-5? All feedback welcomed

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    I know it's difficult not to care but I wouldn't obsess about your coverage status.

    Ideally in CI-4, CI-5 and CI-6, your foreskin would cover the edge of the glans all of the time and the only difference is "how much" of the glans is covered. CI-4 leaves most of the glans exposed and CI-5 covers about 2/3rds and CI-6 covers everything except the tip.. CI-7 is when full coverage is achieved all of the time with very little or no overhang.

    Of course, the world is not ideal.

    I'm a "grow-er." So, the size of my penis and the coverage of my glans varies dramatically from minute to minute and day to day. I can fully tuck my glans inside my foreskin where it is retained when I am wearing compression pants which is equivalent to a full coverage CI-7. When I remove the pants, my penis will sometimes stay retracted like a CI-7 (it would probably stay there if I got a "touch up" to hold it in place like a real ridged band would) but it will usually extend to a CI-6, CI-5 or CI-4 (with the foreskin still covering the glans) or the foreskin can roll back entirely and look like a CI-3. Most of the time, it's a CI-5 when flaccid.but I'm as vain and competitive as the next person, so I call it a CI-6. LOL!!!

    So, I'd suggest you just call it whatever it is "most" of the time. This won't make a hoot of difference in terms of your restoration efforts but if it makes you feel better to call it a CI-5, then do so. Just realize that it won't make your foreskin grow any faster than it is growing already. It is what is is, whatever that is.

    Good luck!
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