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Is there a Foreskin scale?

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  • Is there a Foreskin scale?

    G'day guys, hope yous all goin good 👍

    I saw there's a measure the "CI" about circumcision, just wondering if there is a measurement scale specifically for foreskins ever made by any researchers or something, like describing different foreskin lengths different guys have? Not how much coverage the head has from shaft skin, but some scale of varying prepuce length for instance? Just curious. Thanks!

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    I have heard terms that suggest doctors use a vague scale of sorts, for example if a man has overhang when flaccid, doctors often call it redundant foreskin. With categories like that, I have not spent much time checking it out. Here is an example of what I guess they reference:

    Classification of foreskin length. Level I: the glans p | Open-i (

    I have not seen any scale used by researchers.

    The two commonly used and referred to scales or the CI-x scale and the Real CI-x scale, often called RCI-x

    Foreskin Coverage Index (

    The RCI apparently in graphic form is broken, but someone saved the text here:

    Foreskin Restoration Real Coverage Index - RCI | Restoring

    Some Wiki info on the subject:

    Basics of foreskin restoration - IntactiWiki

    I think that most people would consider coverage and foreskin length closely aligned, and I have not seen anything that deals with them separately...


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      We in the restoring community have the previously mentioned Coverage Index {} which is just a couple decades old and most widely discussed.

      A bit more recently I formalized the indicator I called Forced Erect Coverage {} which is more objective. It has the advantage of discerning small changes that might not be noticed when comparing monthly photos. And when expressed as a percentage it lets guys with different sized penises compare progress on an equal footing.

      Medically, you would sometimes hear of a diagnose of "redundant prepuce" (which is the normal and natural state of the penis) used to justify a circumcision.
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