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More things to say. Can I hear some opinions on this regimen?

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  • More things to say. Can I hear some opinions on this regimen?

    So I think I'm at the point at the beginning of the tugging journey where the skin has noticeably stretched a bit, but likely due to the skin just getting used to being stretched and not actually growing. I think I'll give myself week, it's been almost a week since I really started going at it for thirty minutes a day. Maybe I'll notice something. It could just be me, but it seems like the inner foreskin and especially the glans are slightly more moist, but that could just be cause I'm spending more time with my hands on my dick.

    I'm annoyed. I can't afford to use a device or t-tape because I'm very physically active throughout the day. I'm cut too tight to do anything but tug with hands, anyway.

    I worry that I'm tugging too hard. I tug till there's a slight burn and the feeling of stretched skin, hold it for a bit, and then release. I get a kind of burning, bordering on painful, when I begin tugging the next day, but only for a minute after I begin tugging, then it goes away. Is that normal? Now that I think of it, I don't think that sensation lasted as long today, so maybe it's just a thing that happens when you begin tugging? To be safe, I've only been tugging outer foreskin as I was thankfully left with a pretty good frenulum by cut standards, and plenty of inner foreskin. This way I figure if I really do cause an issue at least it won't be an issue with the more sensitive parts of my penis.

    I think I'm going to try and tug for two weeks total, maybe I'll give it a whole month to see if I feel anything. I owe it to myself cause this circumcision stuff never fails to bum me out sometimes. At least restoring makes me feel like I'm doing something. I hate the fact that I was circumcised, I'm pretty sure we all do. I've really tried letting it go, thinking about it and doing things to at the very least accept that I was cut and let it go. It's kinda helping. Anything more that I could do? What's helped you guys?

    And some slightly happier things to say:
    I used to feel bad just looking down at my penis when I went to the urinal. It doesn't help that the majority of men where I am are uncut, and it makes me self-conscious. I have however, noticed some more wrinkles these past few days on my usually pretty tight skin when I was peeing. That was pretty cool. And now, when I'm flaccid, I can kinda force some skin over the corona without it being uncomfortable. That's super cool! Makes me a little happier with the whole thing to see that. Like I said though, it could just be that the skin is getting looser due to me having started tugging.

    When did you guys first start noticing any improvements, particularly with manual tugging, and what were they? For example, if I masturbate a month from now, will it feel better? I haven't exactly noticed any progress in that department, but that could just be because I haven't masturbated since before I started tugging, about a week ago.

    I'd like to think that if I really get into this and it really starts working for me, I could do something like pee and look down without feeling a little bad. Hell, I'd probably even feel a little proud to look down at something similar to what you guys have in the progress galleries.


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    Dude, I don't think you're getting it. This process takes years, a number of years, say somewhere around 5 or 6 (if you're lucky) to 10 years (if you're average) for mostly full flaccid coverage (depending on how much loose skin start with).

    You seem to be focused way down on the short term, days and weeks. Nothing noticeable happens in days or weeks. Nothing. You'll have to accept that. Doesn't sound like you have yet.

    You sound like you may be obsessing over all this. Won't do any good if you do, won't make things happen sooner. Might even cause you to quit.

    Relax. Tug, do a couple of years and then take a look at what has happened. If that seems long (it isn't) then do a year and look at things. Results are noticeable after the fact. They don't happen because you are looking at your skin and fiddling with your device or method, things happen on their own. Your skin doesn't grow because you "did" something, it grows according to its own rules, over its own time frame. Get used to it.


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      Welcome! Let me try and provide some ideas for you to consider.

      Just because you are physically active, or for some other reason do not want to tug during the day, does not mean you can't still use tape or a device. And, you already know that from the manual tugging you have done. Any method can be used for short time periods. I used tape for only short time periods myself. When I was not tugging, I simply let the tape stay in place without tension.

      My experience is that the key to success (progress) is getting the tension right. You may need to experiment to sort that out.

      As Info said, think in terms of years, not months. And it is fine to take breaks, I have always taken a 1-3 month break each year. While years sounds challenging, the key to this is to make it routine, like brushing your teeth. For example, using air, I tug for 20 minutes, twice a day, while I eat breakfast and dinner. Hardly takes any time of effort, and does not interfere with anything I am doing.

      And, you will get improvements as you go. So you can look forward to that happening as the months and years go by.

      Hope these thoughts help.