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Slow, but progress nonetheless

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  • Slow, but progress nonetheless

    Hi, just a quick update.

    I was tightly cut and have been restoring for about 7 months (roughly 5.5 if you count taking a large chunck of this summer off due to work-related reasons) and I am proud to say that I am making some progress.

    I measured the distance between my scar line and the edge of the scrotal skin that protrudes onto the shaft before starting restoration and last night. The results:

    Before: ~9mm

    After: ~15mm

    The progress is slow, but I have no doubt now that I'm at least growing skin. I have seen a minor reduction in penoscrotal webbing thus far and some mild wrinkling of the mucusol tissue above the scar line while flacid. Erect, there appears to be no visibly noticeable difference but the shaft skin is more mobile. I am optimistic that all of these things will continue to improve the longer that i restore.

    Currently, I use a DTR for a minimum if 8 hours per day everyday but usually aim for 11 to 12 hours. At this point wearing the device is second nature, and applying the device has become somewhat easier with the new skin. I also supplement my routine with manual tugging before bed using method 2 for roughly 20 minutes to really target the gap.

    I wish everyone the best.