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40 year old stitches?

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  • 40 year old stitches?

    So I recently got glasses for the first time, and with my new and improved vision I noticed something unusual on my dick. Right on the scar line, in two places, there are tiny black dots that appear to be stitches. Looks like tiny pieces of thread that go in and come back out, as if I was stitched up after I was cut, and when they took the stitches out they missed a couple. They're extremely tiny... but if they really are stitches, I guess they'd have to be tiny if they've been there since my dick was baby-size.

    I can't imagine what else they'd be, but it's hard to believe I've had bits of thread stuck in my dick for over 40 years and they never worked their way out.

    Now that I know about them it's gonna drive me nuts, but I already tried getting them out and they're just too damn tiny. I'd have to get tough and dig them out with a needle... not feeling that tough at the moment, lol

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    I wouldn't try it yourself, you could easily give yourself an infection. Are you able to see a dermatologist? Or even your GP initially? Dude, how did you not notice it til now? 🧐 Perhaps if you took a really close up picture of these mystery things and showed them to experienced members here (admins maybe?) it might be something they've seen before and can advise on. I know doctors aren't exactly the favourite people of many of us here but maybe you should get it looked at and these things professionally taken out ... Good luck dude 🤗


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      Get a really bright light and take a photo. then you can zoom in and make sure you are seeing what you think you are seeing. Or get a friend to look using a magnifying glass under really bright light. the key is really bright light, bright enough that it will shine through your skin, making it glow red. Really bright.

      Or go to your doctor, as was suggested. Or both, depending upon what you see with closer examination.

      I suppose it could be a stray stitch or two. Depending upon the material, some dissolve and some do not. When I had rotator cuff surgery, the doctor put in stiches and screws. I asked him about the screws, assuming they would be around forever, but didn't think about the stitches, assuming they would dissolve and disappear. he surprised me by saying the screws would slowly dissolve, but the stitches were forever.


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        When circumcisions are done here in Belgium they typically use stitches that will dissolve, and I would assume that would usually be the case.

        I can however also still see a few marks that are from the stitches, and that I’ve probably stretched over the years. It doesn’t really bother me but of course I’d prefer them to fade or disappear at some point. Not really having high hopes for that. Maybe what you see could be similar and it could have taken up some stuff from the surroundings, giving it a darker look? Just a thought. Hope you find a solution for it! Be careful and get some professional help in case of doubt…
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          I wouldn’t go digging in there with a needle. It could and probably will result in an infection or a wart on your dick. I’ve unfortunately experienced doing something like that on the sole of my foot which resulted in a wart that I’ve had to remove. Go see a dermatologist.