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All restorers needed for my restoration application

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  • All restorers needed for my restoration application

    I'm designing an application that will help you restore and need data from as many people as possible. I need measurements from coverage index-1 all the way through 10! Hard and soft the more people the more accurate the application will be! I need to know at what measurement is it determined that your at the next coverage index level!

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    What measurements exactly are you looking for?
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        So you started at ci-1 or whatnot you would give me the baseline measurements. When you thought you were at a ci-2 I would need those measurements. Hard and soft please I'm new at this and don't know what measurements to take down


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          I think that what mjwise was asking is what exactly are you thinking would be measured? Would it be the length of the outer skin, from the body to the scar? Would it be the inner skin, from the scar to the glans? Would it be Forced Erect Coverage? Would it be the amount of the glans covered, as a percentage? Something else?

          Here is a link to two coverage indexes that may help you visualize what is going on:

          Real Coverage Index by kong1971 for men to judge foreskin penis size from a tight circumcision to loosely circumcised to foreskin overhang anteater. Originally on, the RCI is a replacement for the Foreskin Coverage Index.

          It may help if you described the app and what it will do in more detail.



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            Well the user will create an account and be asked to put his forced erect coverage in for hard and soft then the app shows him his CI number and give him the manual method he should use. He will restore many times throughout the day depending on his setting preference and either each week or month he will be asked to uplode his measurements. After upload the measurements being the app the data will be calculated and it will add to his percentage of that current goal. Once he say gets too 100% on ci-1 then he moves into ci-2 and so on


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              Sorryfor the horrible spelling I'm typing this on my Android and it has auto correct on.


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                Great idea! For a long time I thought that an app for this would be a great idea! Good work.
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                  Originally posted by randallrbaker View Post
                  Well the user will create an account and be asked to put his forced erect coverage in for hard and soft ...
                  I'm definitely more confused than I normally am. I thought that forced erect coverage was estimated when hard.
                  Am I missing some understanding?

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