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  • New way to use Tlc X

    Today when removing my Tlc x with the pusher still extended, I had an idea on how to use the tugged without the retaining cone. You see when I remove my device with the pusher still extended,my foreskin tends to pucker down and grip the pusher quite nicely, so I tried lowering the tugger body down onto the pusher with my foreskin still gripping it and it worked! This will can tug with my foreskin gripped on the inside of the tugger body without the retaining cone. This targets outer skin that is normally trapped under the cone and not receiving much tension. This may be a way to get some additional growth. I'll try this for a while and keep you posted.

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    I've noticed that it grips around the pusher for me as well. I didn't think about pressing down with the tugger body and tugging that way though GOOD IDEA! But wouldn't it just act like the base model tugger would? I'll have to try this as well and see what happens.


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      Parceskin, I'm not quite following what you're saying but would love to try this out for myself. Can you post a picture?
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        I have no idea what you mean... can you post a pic?
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