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    I'm Heather, I'm Married to Mike. Mike had the misfortune to be circumcised not once, but twice. First time was at birth and second time was in his teens. I've never seen anything like it. The glans is fused on the sides with scar tissue and regularly tears. I know everything we do hurts to some extent. He is almost always in a cycle of rip and heal and has been for 4 years. He has hair half way up the shaft. The glans has no sensitivity, no amount of stimulation is pleasant there. I remember reading about restoration attempts when I was pregnant and reading about circumcision in case I had a boy. I thought it could help him. He is open to ideas but needs me to find the hows and whats because he's a trucker and isn't home for 120 hours out of the week so he can't really come and seek answers for himself. We don't know if a doctor could help and If they can which kind to see or anything. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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    You've come to the right place. Check out these links:
    Also, check out this video. It's very well done and lays out ALL the facts. Go to YouTube and type in "Elephant in the Hospital" .


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      After a little more looking, it seems that my husband may have a buried or trapped penis. The shaft is not visible when not erect. The skin from his scrotum is what stretches to accommodate an erection. His penis is a normal size, not micro but he does not seem to have enough skin to cover it. I don't know that he has enough to work with.


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        Since we are growing more skin, even if he only has a little, he can grow that. Photos might help us understand the situation better. Read the links and see what you think. share the links with him. Ask us more questions as you have them.