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  • From My Wifes Perspective.

    I hope I am writing this in the correct section. Anyway I am the wife of Weldin' Pipe and just wanted to share my feelings in his journey as he has told me there is not a lot from the women's perspective and I wanted to help fix that.

    Anyway a little bit about me. I am kind of what might be considered a "modern day hippie" in some aspect. I like things natural and how they are supposed to be. I have two kids and am extremely pro breastfeeding and anti formula (its the food we were given to feed our babies) When they start solids I make their baby food from fresh fruits and veggies instead of that store bought baby food crap, and we are saving to buy our homestead where we can grow our own food and raise our own livestock instead of eating GMO and hormone filled "food" they sell at stores. So despite all of this it may come as a surprise I was a bit skeptical when my husband said he didn't want to circumcise our son and also wanted to restore his foreskin.

    Real quick before I get into my journey with my husband I would like to point out something. Prior to my husband I have slept with an intact man. And I didn't even realize it! Having used a condom I obviously didn't experience the "rolling action" that is described when being with an intact man vs a cut one. But anyway like I said I didn't even know he was intact because he was already aroused and as everyone knows, when a man is aroused and retracted the penis looks pretty much exactly the same aesthetically. Anyway, after this had happened a friend of mine who had been with his brother had said to me "Isn't it gross how they aren't circumcised?!" and I was a bit taken aback and thought to myself "He wasn't? I doubt it because I didn't notice it being any different" But just for the sake of girl talk I agreed with her and said "Yeah, was so gross" (Thank you media for portraying how "disgusting" it is to be uncut and make women think that and give judgement on it) Anyway the whole reason I am bringing this up is because it stuck out to me that it wasn't gross and wasn't "weird".

    Okay lets fast forward a bit. At about 20 weeks pregnant with my son I went into preterm labor and was experiencing consistent contractions. Protocol to the hospital they start asking you generic questions. "are you going to be using an epidural? Who is your health insurance provider? Are you going to circumcise your son" To the last question I immediately responded "Yes!" My husband interrupted me and said "woah wait, we haven't discussed this" And I stopped and was confused because that's what your SUPPOSED to do (again thank you media!!) After the nurse left the room we talked about a bit and I said to him alright, well we can research this but bottom line comes down to, I don't have a penis so this really isn't my decision. If you don't want to circumcise him, I respect that. The hospital treated my preterm labor and after a night stay at the hospital we were released.

    Upon arriving home my husband started showing me all this information on benefits of foreskin, risks and complications of circumcision and everything I knew about to this point went out the window. I watched a youtube video of the procedure and had to click out of it before they even started because the sounds coming from this baby was so heartbreaking to me and mix that with pregnancy hormones I was a mess. And I decided right then and there even if my husband for some reason changes his mind I WILL NOT let any one come near my sweet babies foreskin. No way in hell.

    After I told my husband that I was on board with keeping our son intact, he made it very clear how relieved he was. And he brought up the restoration process. In my head I was thinking, okay its one thing to not circumcise but this just sounds crazy. Regardless I listened to what he had to say. And his feelings broke my heart. He told me as a teenager his erections hurt (umm, I'm pretty sure erections shouldn't hurt, they are the start of one of the best feelings in the world) and after learning about circumcising and what was done to him he started experiencing feelings of grief and loss and just didn't feel whole. He felt like he was missing out on his God Given right. After hearing how he felt my tune changed a bit. I told him something along the lines of "Okay well this isn't a process that is going to dramatically change you overnight, so how about this. How about you start the process and if for some reason I don't like it or I think its gross (or whatever else the media has portrayed in women's heads) then you can stop." The go ahead gave him a smile so big it was like a kid on Christmas.

    I started my own research myself. I looked up foreskin restoration, pros of being intact etc. ( who knew pinterest had so much info...haha) I started reading things about a rolling sensation and how it makes sex feel better because it's like the mans way of providing lubrication. And I started getting excited. I would think wow this all sounds great I can't wait to see what happens. And my husband is about 1/3 of the way and let me tell you...the experience is amazing! Sex is getting better and better, (it would sometimes be uncomfortable especially if he hadn't taken care of the hairs that can grow on the shaft, and who wants sex to be uncomfortable) and I caught myself just day dreaming about his foreskin coming back and the new sensations it was bringing. My husband has said to me growing his skin back is being like given a brand new toy, a toy he wants to constantly play with (as if men need to be MORE obsessed with their penis...hahah)and I Agree! It is like a brand new toy for me as well. There are nights when the kids are in bed and he is doing manual tugging I ask if I can help. Maybe that's weird, but I want to be as supportive as I can because I know how important this is to him. Its so important, that one of his Christmas presents this year was the DA Hyperrestore and a Retaining cone (he was previously only using the TLC-X and manual.)

    I am so excited for him, and am loving going through this journey with him. I wanted to put my feelings out there to maybe help anyone who is unsure how their significant others will feel. Because like I said I was skeptical and unsure about the whole thing but am now 110% on board and am so excited to see how much better everything is going to get.

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    Kinda brainwashing how you can mention female circumcision to a female and the ideal of having there hood removed from there clit sounds mutilating but the momment male circumcision gets mentioned they support it .lol fun fact where do u think the baby foreskin goes after the hospital? It goes to anti aging cosmetics companys for face creams so hopefully one day a mother that supported it rubs there own sons cock on there face

    btw forgive my profile didnt expect a female to post but my pic is for showcasing nothing sexual


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      Thanks for your heartwarming story. In reading it, I was reminded of a post made years ago to the old (now defunct) Foreskin Restoration Mailing List:

      The man wrote:
      My father was intact.....and I am the restoring father of an intact son.....and under the circumstances, that's the way it should be.

      Thank you for being a hippie wife and mother!

      World As Monkey Island
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      I declared myself finished restoring with 3/4 erect coverage (CI-8.5) in 2005. I primarily used T-tape, strapping up and around my waist.
      I've participated in NORM meetings in San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle (RECAP), and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

      Every doubt, reservation, or concern I had about my restoration was resolved by achieving additional foreskin LENGTH.....So just KOT !


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        Thank you for sharing your story and perspective. Posts like this are very nice to read and help many wondering about a woman's perspective.



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          What an amazing story indeed. And thank you for openly sharing as well what your view was before and after!

          Everyone may not be comfortable with having somebody else doing the manual tugging, but I think it's awesome that you want to help out to that extent!
          Tugging my heart strings every day.


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            Wow! Thanks for sharing! This really made my day.

            Its really nice to hear it from a woman's perspective. It made me reaffirm that there are many pro-intact women here and there. It's also great you have let your son be intact. We don't need that keep that procedure to our future generations.



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              Great post.

              I was never able to give a woman an orgasm via vaginal sex until I started restoring. Now my wife can achieve orgasm with her on top. It's fantastic.

              Your lucky your husband is so open. Most men are not capable of initiating this type of change.


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                Thank you for sharing your side of things.
                It's awesome that your husband has that kind of supportive environment to go through this process in. It's one thing to accept his decision to start, but to go so far as to post on this forum, and offer to help him out...he's very lucky.


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                  Kind of interesting but you started out saying if you found it gross he would have to stop....its his fucking penis you control freak.


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                    Originally posted by Mybody View Post
                    Kind of interesting but you started out saying if you found it gross he would have to stop....its his fucking penis you control freak.
                    This is now myself not my wife. This was a talk between both of us and to share with the community. Do not disrespect me nor my wife. What you need to understand is that my wife as most women in the midwestern United States has been raised to understand that getting cut is the normal medical decision. They don't know any better nor the sexual education in schools don't even touch the matter. So it is understandable for her to not quite understand. But since we have had a son and she gladly opted out for the procedure when my son was born on her own decision after reaserch on her own after I raised the flag to her. She completely understands and is sympathetic to the situation. She now had intacticist stickers on her vehicle and supports and participates in many events. So do not call
                    my wife control freak. Simply put and the majuro problem is uneducated on the subject