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    Originally posted by Mybody
    Kind of interesting but you started out saying if you found it gross he would have to stop....its his fucking penis you control freak.
    Watch your tone there Hondo.


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      Mrs. Weldin’ Pipe thanks for sharing..
      I am circumcised and just new to foreskin restoration, as in the last couple of days.. I until very very recently was completely ignorant to the benefits of being naturally intact, and sadly and regretfully I also had my son, now 10 circumcised when he was a new born because I am, and I always thought that it looked better, was more hygienic, and sad I did not know the real benefits of having a foreskin.
      I am now beginning the journey of restoration and am very excited for it and will soon be talking with my son about the benefits of being intact and starting him as well if he chooses to do so.

      I cannot help but feel very sad about the uneducated decision I made for him. But with having zero knowledge at the time and making the decision based on my own ignorance and the mindset of the right thing in our society, or what I thought was the right thing for our society, it seemed the right choice I made for him at the time. I am thankful that at least now I have more knowledge and understanding on the subject to provide him with the benefits for both sides of cut vs uncut and he can decide if he wants to restore or not.

      Now about me and how I got to this point :

      My partner and I have been a couple for over 20 years and have been thru some very very tough times and our sexual relationship has been the forefront of the problems for me for as long as I can remember. It’s not an issue of lack of sex but the quality and she often does not want to or when she does it was what she called “maintenance” sex to keep me happy as I am the one that wants it most of the time.. The other day we had another fight about the issue. I was close to ending our relationship and moving on because this problem has many many times caused a great amount of strain on us, and we have been on the brink of a breakup several times in the past due to the fighting.

      Fast forward the next day after our fight, I came home from work and asked her if she had put anymore thought to what we discussed after our fight and her response turned my world upside down, in what I feel is 100% for the positive.. When I asked her, she said “ yes I have and what I found out is not what you are going to expect”. And let me tell you it definitely wasn’t what I was expecting..

      I am above average size wise and at times it seems she feels discomfort and I attributed that to the size. That day she had said when she was younger she was with a guy that was intact and said she remembers having orgasms easier, in more positions and felt she wanted it more as well. My initial reaction was that of anger, I felt sure, here is another way she spins this around on me, but she gave me a article to read on the issue that was written from a woman’s point of view on the issue of sex with men that are intact vs. not intact and that is where my enlightenment began.. I started to understand more and things made a lot of sense to me as to why an intact natural man felt better to both the man and the woman during intercourse. This made me very intrigued on the subject and she was initially worried how I would react when the topic of possibly restoring was presented to me.

      I felt that since the issue of our sexual relationship has been an ongoing issue with us, I would read into it and learn about the process, benefits etc...
      Well I have done hours and hours of online reading and learning about the issue and have decided without hesitation that I want to do this for myself and her, and feel that we may finally have a viable solution that may give her and myself the satisfaction and intimacy we have both been lacking for sometime..

      Sorry for the long book for my first post here, but what I have learned about the subject feels like such a relief to me and her, it feels like somewhat of a positive life changing event has happened to me.


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        Thank you.
        My partner was pro-foreskin prior to us meeting and also helps with manual tugging. Her support has given me so much confidence and inspiration that I think my restoration is actually speeding up! Women who think like you are vital to ending the ridiculous practice of circumcision at birth.


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          Nice real story,I like it because the wife is suportive in restoring


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            Thanks for sharing your heartwarming and open minded story!!