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Are women that support mgm more shallow?

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  • Are women that support mgm more shallow?

    Something that i have been thinking of is that the women that i have known to voice support for this practice were all very shallow in regards to all aspects of relationships with men i.e just using abusing them for everything theyre worth. I was wondering if this was what any of you guys have noticed as well.

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    Well, I was coerced into getting cut by a woman who turned out to be a serious manipulator. I was blinded by pussy. Needless to say, I severed ties with her shortly afterward. BITCH!


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      That is a story that a lot of men have. I can not understand the mindset of someone wanting their partner to do something like that to themselves. I wonder if a fair amount of women like that are psychopaths/ sociopaths. Apparently those disorders are not as uncommon as most people believe.