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    My girlfriend of 6 years, (we are 21) and have only been with each other. When I mentioned restoring and thinking about it, she kinda squinted up and said “your d!ck looks fine, don’t make it ugly” and I explained to her the sensitivity, problems, mutilation side of it. Fast forward a few months to when I’m actively restoring. At this point she tolerates it. She doesn’t really understand the feelings that we all feel, and the sensitivity parts. She just keeps saying she doesn’t want me to have an “ugly d!ck”. Anyways, just thought I’d share my partners opinion in case anyone else is dealing with something similar!

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    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. If you had been born in almost any other non Jewish/Muslim nation your intact "dick" would be as beautiful as everyone else's. Like most of us, you had the misfortune to have been born in the United States. Your girlfriend needs to grow up a little and educate herself. Good luck and if your restoration is successful maybe she will have the opportunity to experience the effect sof a fully functional, normal dick.


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      Originally posted by Joebug99 View Post
      She just keeps saying she doesn’t want me to have an “ugly d!ck”.
      She needs to know that all genitals are ugly male (intact or circumcised) or female, labia is no beautiful thing either. What we are restoring is functionality of the penis, if her clit hood was cut off and she had no sensitivity, if she did research and found a way to restore to be back to somewhat normal would she not be interested in that?
      I would tell her all of the parts of your penis that is missing (if you aren't sure look them up and educate yourself before talking to her), it is not just foreskin you have loss, but rather 10's of thousands of nerve endings, pressure receptors, rigid band, natural lubrication (which she would benefit from) the feeling of gliding action which my wife loves. Also no more dryness, very little lubrication needed when you start to have slack skin and a dekerantinized glans and inner mitosis. She will feel more also because of your restoration.
      The more you help her understand what was lost the more she will be against circumcision in the future, my wife now thinks that it is applauding to mutilate boys after I started my journey 3 years ago.
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        Sometimes one person outgrows the other person's maturity level in a relatonship, especially when they meet when they are young (e.g., high school sweethearts). I personally couldn't tolerate a relationship where the other party treated me like a slab of beef.
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          I’m 56 and live with my common law wife of 16 years in the U.S. We are both from the West Indies. Low and behold, my progressive modern thinking mother in 1964 just about over valued anything that mainstream doctors were harping back then, especially when it came to anything coming out of the almighty U.S. & so she decided to have me circumcised for cleanliness reasons...against my father’s wishes. Pity he didn’t have the balls to stand up to her back then (he still doesn’t) When I told my wife that I was embarking on my restoration journey, she, like so many other women who’d been brainwashed that a cut dick is “beautiful”, was adamantly against FR. She was so unreasonably turned off about “extra skin”. I told her that I wasn’t doing it to please her (although she would in turn be the primary beneficiary) and that she in no way would have any say as to whatever I do for myself. Eventually, after talking about it some more and explaining to her what it was all about and sharing all the stories and testimonials I’d read in this forum, she gradually began to understand. Even though I’m basically only a CI 3-3.5, she has marveled at how much my whole attitude regarding sex has become. She’s also commented that she feels ‘something’ different, not sure if it’s what little gliding action there is, but now I’m actually enjoying our encounters again. I literally thought my sex life was over due to my almost complete loss of sensitivity in my penis. My two cents.


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            I dont think that uncut means you have an ugly dick. My girlfriend is very supportive. She is a trans woman and she has an intact penis. She does get a little annoyed if she wants my dick and I have a device on and I have to remove it. But she is very supportive


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              yep, for sure... I agree, an intact dick is NOT ugly. Your girlfriend and mine are practically in the same boat...when she wants mine, I’ll more often than not have on a device also 😂