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    I am very new to restoring. Until recently I did not know restoration was even a thing. I was never upset or had any problems being circumcised, before I became even a little educated on the subject I actually preferred that I was cut , call it ignorance to the subject. It was my wife that showed me articles and that restoring the skin could be done.

    It came about because of our sex life. We have it often but it is quantity over quality, and she often does not want it but has it to please me.. She looked into it because many years ago she was with a guy the had foreskin and she remembers enjoying it more, obtaining orgasm more ways than she can now and wanting it more than she does now. She has discomfort sometimes when we are having sex so when she showed me articles about it I was very open to the idea and if it improves the quality for both of us I am all for restoring myself. So I have begun the journey and not only does she fully support me, but it was her that proposed I look into it. Now we are in it 100%.
    Good luck to all in their own journey!


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      Originally posted by Mr zillow View Post
      I have recently started restoration, and have not told my wife yet. Regardless of how she feels about it, I will continue. Since no one asked me when it was stolen from me, I sure as hell don't need permission to restore it. I was wondering though what spouses think of your restoration, and if they are supportive. Also I was wondering if anyone has any advise on how the discussion should go when I do decide to tell her.
      Just tell her. She will be fine I guess. Rather than not telling her you better do.


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        I think that if you don't tell your spouse, everything will get worse. I mean what if she suddenly know without you telling her and she get mad? Rather than she get mad because you didn't tell her it's better that you tell her.