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possible that circumcision is what made me transgender?

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  • possible that circumcision is what made me transgender?

    was always quite unhappy about my penis... it's subpar, can't use it in sex, so my only hope for a mind-blowing orgasm is from prostate massage, anal play.

    it's mutilated and embarassing, quite a dark scar, no one would find it attractive considering it looks like a burn victim's penis.

    obviously my mutilated genitals caused me to feel like less of a man, made me want to be a woman to reflect the fact that i don't have functioning male parts.

    sometimes i contemplate just cutting off all my genitals and becoming a eunuch, then it won't matter if i was circumcised.

    i've been taking estrogen for 3 months and i'm ecstatic to have some sexual body parts to be proud of, i have growing breasts and more

    do you think that if i was intact i would be a normal cis male?

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    I've never opened up about this before on this forum, but I'm in much the same boat. I experimented for one month about two years ago with hormones by salvaging my girlfriend's discarded birth control pills. I opened up to her about it later and I'm fortunate to have her support, though it seems to waver a bit from time to time. I'm not actively transitioning at this point, but I've always characterized myself as having an "insatiable curiosity" about the opposite sex. I still don't know if that makes me transgender.

    Anyway, I don't have answers for you. I remember around 18 or so I began to masturbate while imagining myself as a woman. I felt some amount of shame for it but it was also thrilling. As I've come to resent my genitals more and grow comfortable with masturbation fantasies, I started imagining myself as a woman more until a few years ago when I began doing it nearly exclusively. Imagining myself as a woman always gives more intense orgasms than as a male. Sometimes, I think I can almost imagine what breasts, a vagina, and a female orgasm feel like but at the instant of orgasm, I'm suddenly pulled back into my own body, having a plain old, boring, male, circumcised orgasm. Frustration with my body seems to be a major theme in my life.

    I have a lot of questions to answer for myself. Am I willing to go through the difficulties of transitioning? How far should I transition? When is the right time? And like you, I constantly ask myself if I'm not drawn to a female body but simply repulsed by my male body because of circumcision. I have decided that I will never have an adequate answer. To the extent that I do have an answer, I suppose it doesn't matter. If I end up preferring a woman's body only because I hate being circumcised, what difference would it make? My only fear is that I would put myself through hormones, speech therapy, sex reassignment surgery, and facial feminization surgery, all to suddenly realize that I don't like being a woman and it really was just disgust with being circumcised. For the reasons listed above, I've basically decided that I should finish restoring my foreskin before exploring my gender further. I sincerely hope you are able to come to a conclusion that's satisfactory to you.

    Please keep in touch and update this thread as you think things through. PM me if you'd like to talk about things in private, though I'll admit I don't have much to say beyond the three paragraphs I posted above. I've never really sought out like-minded people in this regard because it's a little difficult to run against societal norms in two ways-- anti-circumcision and transgender. There is a vocal minority of conservatives and generally judgmental people on this forum. I shied away from them, so I applaud you for asking this difficult question.


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      thing is, people always rebut to my "circumcision made me gay/transgender" argument by saying "60% of men in the USA are circumcised, are they all GAY?" but...

      look at middle eastern countries where the circumcision rate is nearly 100%, lots of underground homosexuality, metrosexual culture among the younger generation. Iran has the 2nd highest rate of transsexualism in the world.

      i believe that circumcision can predispose to homosexuality since when your sensitive penis is gone, the only hope of a mind-blowing orgasm is bottoming in anal sex, plus it takes away any interest in being the penetrator during sex.


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        Personally, I wouldn't read too much into it. I know that circumcision was damaging to me, coming to grips with what was done to me was like a sock in the gut, and I've anguished over it for years. I am not the type to marginalize the harm it does to people.

        But I see a lot of people here trying to draw a causal relationship between circumcision and all sorts of other afflictions. There are conflicting reports about what it does to one's ability to last during sex, but scientific research offers only the vaguest hints and conflicting evidence. I've seen forum members try to connect it to violence in America, which I frankly believe is totally bogus. And in your case, you're trying to link it to transgenderism. You know that I've personally grappled with the same demons you face, but even there, I have to say that there's basically no evidence pointing to it.

        Perhaps more to the point, why are we constantly seeking to create new boogeymen out of circumcision? Strapping an infant down and ritualistically removing part of his genitals is horrifying enough as it is. Arguments like, "It will make your kid violent," or, "It will make him transgender," not only completely miss the point but also get people thinking we're a fringe movement, which shouldn't be the case.

        So in summary, between you and me, yeah, there might be a link. I'll continue to think about it on a personal level. I discourage you from disseminating that view, however, out of fear of marginalizing intactivism.

        And on another note, read over the case of David Reimer:

        I don't think his case supports or refutes your point, but the case is extremely relevant and opens up yet more questions.

        Edit: Oh, by the way, you said in another thread
        Originally posted by LiquidPooterbear
        Recently I've been reading lots of erotica, looking at porn with trans girls like me in it, and got all kinds of weird emotions because most of those trans girls are uncircumcised, so I decided to start this again.
        That should give you something to think about. As far as I can tell, there is comparable diversity and a lack of correlation among circumcised and uncircumcised cis-men and trans-women. With circumcision prevalence at roughly 50 percent, you would think that more trans-women would be circumcised if your theory were correct, no?