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    Good for you, Libertarian, that you are legally able and intellectual capable of suing over your mutilation when you turn 18!

    I hope you are able to really accomplish something significant with your lawsuit, and I hope you keep us updated.


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      Go to any Emergency ward at a Hospital and sit there for 1/2 day...... What I witnessed was the amazing technology and skill to bring a middle aged person back from death...... To Stupid and Ignorant diagnosis to utter incompetence bordering on medieval practices which I won't go into as it is both disgusting and disturbing (on a minor) in earshot all the while why I look at a calendar displaying 2017.
      So thank goodness for the internet that medical knowledge and the (fairy tales of religion) and evil practices of those working in religion & medicine is now in the light and out in the open.

      Medical and Religious practices should not be able to hide behind the untouchable faith curtains but be like anyone - legally responsible for their decisions & actions and compensate for any harm caused be it physical / mental or both.

      And we are supposed to be the intelligent creatures on this planet.

      Maybe one day if we all push for it!


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        Originally posted by cubnextdoor View Post
        Women can have floppy "gross" labia, so where do they think they are so special.
        I don't think any vaginas look gross, and all intact dicks are beautiful also, but circumcised dicks are not a very good thing to look at period. I have been tugging for 6 years and still hate looking at this Frankenstein dick sometimes lol IT'S ALIVE!!!! LOL!!!!! KOT BROTHERS!