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Circumcision and the 5 stages of grief

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  • Circumcision and the 5 stages of grief

    Being circumcised, I recently noticed that my change in opinion has followed the 5 stages of grief:

    1. denial
    First, I denied that circumcision was genital mutilation or that it affected pleasure. I convinced myself that it had no effect upon me, and was 'just a piece of skin.'

    2. anger
    When I found out that circumcision was mutilation- I got pissed. Not at anyone in specific though- angry at the situation.

    3. bargaining
    I began restoring foreskin
    4. depression
    I went through a little bit of this earlier this morning- it was more of a melancholy actually.

    I await the 5th stage, which won't come until I finish restoring!

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    I agree with all these stages except there is more steps i think. For me after the depression phase/beginning restoring i slowly am accepting my life and am super happy i have what i do. I still have a functional dick and it feels good. Yes the anger is still there but ik life is too short to hold onto too much of any strong emotion especially if it makes me want to do drugs or hurt people. xD