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    I confided in a buddy tonight about regrowing my foreskin and mentioned I've made progress and how much I'm looking forward to the end result. He's British and was, of course, not circumcised - he kind of teased me about it and told me it'll never be the same anyway, why bother. Then posed questions like "What will women think of how it looks?" "Won't it just be a loose bag of skin?"

    I'm already self conscious about not having had or grown up with what the majority of men in existence have, and then to hear it from the mouth of an uncircumcised man himself, that I don't have what he has, was brutal - it filled me with that familiar envy, jealousy, and anger. I'm so jealous that he can just not have to think about the issue, it doesn't effect him deeply emotionally like it does me and never will have to. Furthermore, I gained this sense that even after I've finished, uncircumcised men won't consider me among them, nor will women see me that way, I still won't have what other men have - which is true to an extent - but, not in the way that my buddy meant it. It stung a bit. A lot.

    Anyway, I kept my cool, because he doesn't understand it and it's not his fault. I was able to calmly tell him it's something personal to me and don't want it to be a joke to him - he respected that. BUT, given that I maintained composure in person, I just needed a place to vent my grievances - so here I am.

    Gotta keep positive, gotta keep positive! I don't want to demonize what I have NOW, otherwise this will be a grueling next few years.

    Thanks for listening, boys. Keep tugging!

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    To hell with what others think! As someone who has experienced both states as an adult, ANY kind of coverage is worlds better than nothing. Even just wearing your device. Will restored be as good as OEM? No. But it's 70%-80% as good and a hell of a lot more comfortable. If you grow enough skin it will look good enough to fool a doctor. THAT'S WORTH DOING.
    Don't worry, just keep tugging. You'll get there.


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      He is wrong in several ways. While it is true that it will not be the same as your original foreskin, it is equally true that it will not be the same as not having a foreskin. He is cherry picking and it sounds like for some reason he doesn't like the idea, threatened perhaps? Loves cut cock maybe? Whatever, he is misleading you with that poorly thought out point. As Parsecskin said, it will be different and way better than what you have now.

      He is dead wrong that it will be a loose bag of skin. simply wrong, no other way to put it. clearly he has no idea about how his own foreskin works, or its anatomical features.

      He really sounds like a disrespectful, antagonistic asshole to me. Of course I am only getting what you care to share, but someone who would tease you about such a sensitive issue, with no basis upon which to judge, who has his original equipment, seems like someone who never grew up socially, or who just gets off on putting other people down. It even begins to paint a picture of an abusive personality type if this is part of a larger pattern. Just saying.



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        Ordinarily I wouldn't say much here, but........greg_b just called somebody an "asshole"?! I think we may be approaching the end times

        Of course I agree, your friend was a bit of a lower sphincter, but people can be clueless in general, and guys can try to hide behind a brusque attitude when the subject of sex comes up. But that falls on him, not you. And I'll also echo greg's statement that the temporary skin tube won't be a "loose bag". That particular myth has been around on restoration forums for a long time, and that's what gets up my skirt; I never like to see it, especially from someone who doesn't have a stake in the situation. If you tug, and endure, you will see and feel much more than you realize now. The results will be wonderful.

        You might even want to show him then, if he's still around. Show him what has happened with your efforts, and he'll be amazed and quite impressed. Always good to have more than one goal


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          Thank you guys for the kind words and support - this is exactly why I wrote on this forum. I can't fault my friend for his ignorance, but I did call him on his insensitivity to the subject and I think he began to understand. Mostly those sharp hurtful wounds of feeling "left out" of something for so long were really exposed last night by his words. I'm restoring because I don't want to be left out anymore! And, although he didn't directly say it, my insecurities and sensitivities about the subject just had me hearing "You'll be left out forever." Which I just simply do not believe, but it's hard to stand your ground when you don't really have others around you, in person, supporting you. So, seriously, thank you.