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  • I just need to put this out

    I am having the shittest experience in highschool so far. Living in the UK cicumsiced is a nightmare! My mates know i am circumcised and calll me names such as a jew mushroom head or a girl. I also fucking told them i was going to restore last year which was a really bad idea. They make fun of me of how i will mever get the real thing. That i am hurting my dick. I can't sleep peacefully while thinking about this. They call me muslim as a joke. Corcumcisiom has rrally fucked me up as a whole. Im not confident anymore. I have not told anyone about my issue but willimg to address this to the rrstoring public the things i have to face. I made a mistake telling them i was circumcised. I had another friend eho was circumcised aswell and changed school for the same reason. My friend are not dicks or anything they are nice most of the times. But you know highschool people like putting others down and choose a thing that somsone doesnt have that they have to make them insecure. Yep total shitwreck.

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    You know, kids will always tease the "odd one". A buddy of mine's kid got circumcised a few years ago at age 15 because he was getting teased in the locker room about having his foreskin. (This heinous practice is so prevalent here in the US). After wards they continued to tease him by calling him "stitches" or "frankenstein dick" (because of the stitch marks). It just goes to show you that kids will always tease someone about something they don't understand. Just tell them it was not YOUR choice and that you are trying to undo the damage. You won't hurt yourself, the damage has already been done. It won't be 100% like the original, but probably about 80% as good and that is worth every ounce of effort. Also, tell your parents about what is going on and that you're quite displeased that they did not offer YOU the choice of what to do with YOUR body. But do it in a nice way, don't get all confrontational.