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  • Pissed

    I'm just starting to restore again... I started about 2 years ago... steady for first 6 months then quit for a few, then started again for a year... And quit again for the past few months. I'm fucking pissed. Often the scare tissue damage on my penis hurts. Restoring causes more pain on the scare tissue. Some times the pain comes out of no where while sitting perfectly still. Then I have to run to the bathroom (at work) and rip off the tugger to find my penis red like the scare tissue is burning...

    Anyway, since I stopped tugging (around CI 4 maybe 4.5) I've found my penis is always cold and obviously dry again. And worse, less sensitive making sex feel "eh". So I'm back at it, and though I'm positive the scare tissue will cause problems... Again...

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    To clarify... I don't tug with much tension. Most times I retain with no tension..


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      Maybe try manual, Whenever I am in bed and I am not falling asleep I do method 2 or I just use two fingers and pull my skin to apply tension on areas that need more tugging.


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        At CI-4, you may be able to use methods that completely avoid the scar and just target the skin either forward or behind it (depending on where your scar is).