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THE RITE - A song (and other considerations)

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  • THE RITE - A song (and other considerations)

    this is my first post here and i just started to undergo on foreskin restoring using manual techniques, as i don't have a penny to buy devices like TLC, DTR or others (as soon i can have it of course i'll order it). i am from a country (brazil) where the majority of men are intact (i don't think in absolute number circumcised men doesn't go up to 12%, 15%) so i grew familiar with the idea of foreskin. i was circumcised as a child, at 6 and i remember absolutely everything. since the very first moment of it, i really suffered that feeling of loss and violation (being raped and mutilated, at last).

    it's been a long path that i've been coming through the overcome of myself and how i can enjoy my body as it is now, despite my frequent episodes of extremely low self-esteem, depression, PSTD and such. i've been dealing with them from a very long time. some people in my life helped me with this although many times i get myself obsessed and self-absorved in this matter...

    so, in order to deal with this demon of mine, one of the ways i decided to wide open my heart and caress my soul and skin (as no-one will never do it for real in the way i really need) and express myself into artistical means - i am a singer/songwriter and i'm currently writing a piece called "o rito" (the rite, in portuguese), in which i deal with this subject.

    this song will be part of something really bigger and it's quite not ready yet, but i would like to share its lyrics and a part of the arrangement with you as they express a pain that i know it is shared by hundreds of thousands of men who are represented here by ourselves.

    it is originally written in portuguese and it is NOT a translation. i decided to rewrite it in english adapting my poetic style. hope it may sound fluid to you.


    (RĂ´mulo Bartolozzi)

    "Every detail
    of such destruction
    (iconoclasm: not authorized)
    the loot of form
    and reflex
    (iconoclasm: not authorized)
    meet a bifurcation
    (iconoclasm: not authorized)

    Every detail
    of such castration
    (deed: not authorized)
    a deprivation of pattern
    and feature
    (deed: not authorized)
    meet the abyss
    (deed: not authorized)

    relief is the utmost outcry
    (toward the mirror: exposed void)
    cure is the utmost heist

    the first cut is the most plumbless one

    (the ultimate and fate)

    so it is the cut
    as it summons
    an alliance of death
    imposed pact of uneveness
    announced identitiy
    abstention of the last feminine cords
    facing an impavid erection
    of the devils
    the pillage on completeness of the flesh

    the future rupture
    (echo, echo, echo, echo)
    it tores the line
    (echo, echo, echo, echo)
    the limit of denial
    in the cut
    from the dismissed harm to the first-person
    (as long as it is safe in the third)

    the first cut is the most plumbless one"

    _________ - in this link you may hear part of the arrangement. the voice line is symbolized here by the main violin and the other strings as backvocals.

    hope it doesn't bother anyone. i'm not here to promote my art but to share something i'm still working on to have the guts of standing by myself one day, eventually. i hope that in the near feature this will get softer enough to be more open about this topic in my life, so maybe i could help other men in our situation.

    thank you. warmth and love.