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  • Need some encouragement

    Hi all,

    I've been on and more recently off of restoring for around and about 2 years now, looking to get going again.

    I'm a good CI-3 with occasional roll over. My old routine was, retaining during the night and using a tension device by day

    I'm not sure if there's a link between circumcision and mental health but I have had a pretty severe period of depression, I didn't see any point in restoring during that time, and I never did drop back in to my old routine since breaking out of the spell of depression.

    I am fairly certain that some of the problems I have with depression are linked to circumcision, lack of confidence, poor body image confidence lack of enjoyment of sex and masturbation, and just having been singled out for being different.

    My question is, is restoring helpful (mental health wise) Or, is it reminding me that, by doing it, I have been circumcised, and I have these issues surrounding it, that I feel are being dragged up just by actively restoring?

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    "Just do it."


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      For me, restoring is a positive thing I am doing to correct a mutilation that I did not want. A positive thing that helps my sex life. A positive thing that helps my wife enjoy sex more. I focus on doing what I can to make my life better. And, my life is far better now, having restored, than if I had not restored.

      But how you frame it is, well, how you frame it. You can frame it as something that brings you back to focus on your past, or as something that helps you make you future better.