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  • Very new to restoration

    I was hoping to read more on grief. I believe it would feel good to share with other men about the pains of being circumcised.

    I think I remember having shameful feelings of my naked body at a very young age. Maybe somewhere in my consciousness, I knew and felt physically,the missing protection and full sensation that I believe a foreskin gives. Even though I couldn't intellectualize it. I could just feel it.

    When I got older and more aware of my body. I definitely felt extremely inadequate about myself. I believe at least some of the feelings of inadequacy were caused by the removal of my foreskin.

    Physically my body was and is very healthy. But; my penis was almost always in a retracted state to the point of being extremely uncomfortable. I really just felt like I was deformed or something. It didn't occur to me till I was older, that my circumcision was the cause.

    I became genuinely sexually active at about 18. I had masturbated before of course, and a had a few sexual encounters in my teen years. But when I became genuinely sexually active my erections were more intense. I noticed some pain and distinctly feeling like I should have more skin. It just felt too tight.

    One day it hit me while I was trying to admire my erection. I looked at all the scar tissue. I pulled on the skin. I felt the tightness. And it hit me, at least for a while; I shouldn't have been circumcised. I needed the skin that was removed.

    I was very depressed but moved on. I eventually had a son. And I insisted that he be left intact. I was surrounded by ignorant family and Drs. who were pretty much pro circumcision or accepting of it. But I said no... And they left him alone

    I'm now in my thirties. I kind of " forgot" about the pains of being circumcised for awhile. I still felt the inadequate feelings from time to time but I'll be " Frank". I had become comfortable with my penis while it was errect. I still felt tight. But the retracted " not there" feeling while flaccid; I just put it behind me or accepted it.

    So then I happen to come across a PE article. I read about guys enhancing the look and feel of their penises with exercises and stretches. For some reason I believed it right away. I've always been very athletic and frequented gyms and martial arts studios all of my life, so I knew the body was capable of some amazing things. I began doing the exercises and modified them with my own creativity and personalization. And you know what??? They work

    PE lead me to foreskin restoration. My skin was already getting stretched from daily manual tugging, jelqing etc. I needed something directly focused on my foreskin though. So a month ago I bought the taped canister kit. I also bought a TLC tugger and I can get it on, but its not as comfortable as the taped canisters for me. Not yet anyway...

    I just felt like sharing. Thank you...
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    Thanks for sharing. Sorry you were cut.

    Originally posted by Opto-mystic View Post
    I needed that extra skin.
    Instead of extra we like to say ample slack. Extra makes it sound like something that wouldn't have been there by default.

    Originally posted by Opto-mystic View Post
    PE lead me to foreskin restoration.
    I'll confess I've always felt involvement with PE was for me a subversive way to reach guys who maybe didn't realize what they really needed to grow was slack skin.

    Welcome and good luck.
    -Ron Low
    [email protected]
    847 414-1692 Chicago


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      I know what you mean about being cut not feeling "right". And you ARE right! I know I was cut as an adult and remember exactly what it was like. When you are intact not only is sex WAY better, but you feel less exposed, even when buck naked. Your glans never gets cold, no uncomfortable rubbing or chaffing, no underwear getting caught in your pee hope. It just all around more comfortable.


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        Opto-mystic ...First off ... congratulations to you over insisting that your son be left intact. I trust intactness has turned out well for him, and that he hasn't suffered any of the teasing some young boys experience while growing up. Have you been able to openly discuss the subject with him?

        Also ... This forum is relatively new, but if it's at all like the others, in time you'll find plenty of grief expressed here. In fact the amount and intensity of deep distress put forth by some men occasionally gets on people's nerves, and their discontent over the fact often precipitates a never-ending circle of recrimination. So beware, you may get your wish but wish you handn't


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          thanks for sharing...i am also cut at birth and for me learning rule #1 for my two beautiful baby boys was: "dont mess with their foreskin or try to retract it!"...that was the door down the rabbit hole of the truth of infant genital mutilation that was/iss perpetrated en masse on only boys in us of fuckin A. and i say BE PISSED! and ya sometimes it feels like a black hole that ill never climb out of until i remember 1, I and you and other mutilated men are acting righteously and with immense courage by stopping the cycle of violence with our boys, and 2, we CAN grow "ample slack skin" and even tho it feels like forever to get there, these trail-blazers like Ron and others have shown us it can be that keeps me from being suicidally/homocidally depressed for too long


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            Word… Yeah I’m PISSED and yeah, reading this forum helps to keep me from being suicidally/homicidally depressed…though I’m still clearly depressed. Reading the volume and intensity of circumcision grief testimonies can be overwhelming at times, but in some strange way I think it does help me. If nothing more than letting me know that I’m not alone in my feelings and that my feelings are to some extent validated. Congratulations to you for sticking up for your sons. Congratulations for NOT buckling under external familial and medical pressures and to be the first in your circle to break this barbaric trend. Foreskin forever!