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Coming to terms with the fact that I can't restore

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  • Coming to terms with the fact that I can't restore

    I had two factors working in my favor when I was born as they related to my foreskin. My mother is from a Western European country where the practice is regulated so tightly that you need special permission from the government to have the procedure on a minor. Secondly, I have a disability, I spent three weeks in neonatal intensive care. From what I've heard, most doctors discourage circumcision in cases such as mine, as did my doctor. As my dad told me when I confronted him on this, he had to strong-arm her into circumcising me just before I left the hospital. From the cut, I could tell she was kind. I still have a lot of my frenulum and I think some of my ridged band.

    ever since I can remember, I've had a buried penis. In a paradoxical way, sometimes am grateful for this, as it leaves my head sensitive enough that I can rub it and climax When it comes to restoring, however, it presents a lot of problems. My head quite literally disappears into my balls so I don't know how a device would even stay on.

    And that's all before we talk about my disability. My cerebral palsy affects all four of my limbs, but my right arm is the least affected, still, I have poor fine motor control in that hand this well. So I assume most manual methods are out of the question. What's frustrating is that I have enough slack skin to use a device, I even have some of my frenular delta and (I think) some of my ridged band. The skin on the underside mostly stays put unless I stretch it or get hard. Still, my glans is heavily keratinized. I would just be happy to get rid of my slight turkey neck and gain enough skin for gliding action and de-keratinization.

    I would give anything just to find a device that works. I have forgiven everyone I need to forgive and I'm grateful for what I have left but I just want to the ability to do what you all are doing.

    KOT, my brothers

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    Thanks for posting. Sorry you were cut. I'm glad forgiveness is helping you.

    Sorry to hear about your challenges restoring. I'd be happy to Zoom with you if you think there's anything we could solve.
    -Ron Low
    [email protected]
    847 414-1692 Chicago


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      Welcome. I am sorry to hear of the difficulties you have been through and the obstacles you have to restoring. It does indeed sound challenging, and I do not know enough about cerebral palsy to offer much in the way of suggestions. But it sounds like you might need a well trusted and compassionate care giver or very close friend to work with you and apply whatever techniques would seem to have potential for restoring? I would think that is a difficult thing to even ask about, let alone find, but that is all I can think of so far.

      I am glad you can frame your buried penis condition in a positive light. Your glans is probably well protected, so you at least have that going for you.

      Best Wishes