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Whats with the double standard?

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  • Whats with the double standard?

    My mom was moved almost to tears when I told her about being sexually abused in my teens... but always been hateful when I state my views on Circumcision.

    She has always been hateful on the issue of circumcisiioni , though calling the foreskin "Just a peice of skin" And calling intactivists "Idiots" And my posts on the issue on facebook "Garbage"

    any idea why a person with every other indicator of ensoulment, would act this way on one issue?

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    Personal guess is because its the duality of people and inherent contradictions caused by partitioning of the brain and lack of application of critical thinking that a person applies in one area of their life ,but, does not apply in another. Basically some beliefs get a "protected status" from this critical thinking for various different reasons especially if the thought is put to them when they are young or if they don't want to admit they directly caused harm to someone. Are you circumcised and was she involved in that decision? perhaps that's reason enough for her as she would have to accept wrong doing.

    The person that would be in the best position to answer this though would be you. You know her better then anyone would here. Have you tried asking her why she can be sympathetic to one type of sexual violence ,but, not to another?


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      COGNITIVE DISSONANCE. Plain and simple. Its a defense mechanism. No parent wants to admit to themselves that they intentionally injured their child. Make her watch elephant in the hospital. Here's the link.


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        Brainwashing. The average person doesn't really think, they regurgitate the views and thoughts of their authorities. This is especially so if they are TV watchers.