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Did anyone else's parents do something like this?

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  • Did anyone else's parents do something like this?

    Half vent thread, half morbid curiosity. Not sure if this is the right board, but wevz.

    So. Pediatrician I had when I was really young (up till I was in second grade, when we stopped using him for, uh, reasons) had this obsession with getting my foreskin remnant to retract/not adhere to the glans. To that extent, I remember him (painfully) force-retracting it once. It re-adhered after that, which he didn't want happening, and had my parents convinced it was this Really Bad Thing. Like, I'm pretty sure every/nearly every visit I had to him up until we quit going to him was way too focused on whether it had started to retract (In hindsight, there's a part of me that thinks maybe there was some, uh, nefarious purpose behind this. Like it was an excuse to give him a chance to look at things that otherwise would not have been appropriate for him to be looking at, if you get my drift).

    Anyway, so instead of doing another forced retraction, he advised my parents to apply Vaseline to the foreskin remnant on I guess a nightly basis, to... I don't know, get it to retract on its own somehow. To achieve this, they came up with a... well, I took it as a game. And I'm not sure if it was my parents that came up with the specifics or the pediatrician, but basically they called the whole application process the "Penis Patrol." Aaand I remember thinking it was "fun" for some reason and being totally willing and almost excited? when it was that time of the night. The other thing I remember was that my parent had this code-phrase for starting it -- "assume the position," which basically meant lie down and take your pants off. (See above, about concerns pediatrician may have had purposes of a nefarious sort).

    Anyway, beyond that there was always this threat of another forced retraction, and the pain that went along with that, if the Vaseline thing didn't work. It didn't, but at the least the forced retraction thing didn't pan out either.

    What does kind of screw me up to think about is, in retrospect, I carried this /fear/ of going through another forced retraction around for a long time. Like I want to say up until I was twelve I was always nervous that, whenever my parents were off talking to people without me, they were setting up an appointment to get it done?

    Anyway, yeah, anyone else experience anything like this?

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    It shows firstly how out of touch an uneducated the Pediatrician was understanding foreskins, which not all become separated until well into puberty.
    Leaving it totally alone and leaving the owner to play with in the bath tub by tugging on it (Natural fun thing to do at a young age) would have been way been way better than forcefully speeding it up, having parents rub vasoline on it with a penis patrol and giving you the boy a complex.

    Lucky that is all you suffered as many doctors who caused this, ended up recommending circumcision. But yes they could could have spared you this mental trauma entirely had the naive doctors been properly educated in the very first place.

    Parents should always seek second or third opinions especially in cutting cultures where many are in the industry for the money alone or a religiously brain washed they can't tell good fact for evil fiction.


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      Oz, I think the OP is circumcised, given his reference to "foreskin remnant." Unfortunately, circumcision care does require this sort of "oversight" because adhesions can and do form as the penis tries to repair itself from the trauma of circumcision. Skin bridges can be unsightly and expensive to repair in adults, plus lead to functional problems. Bad skin bridges make restoration difficult too. All the more reason not to circumcise any boy. Having my penis watched over like a hawk and prodded at by parents and pediatrician would give me a complex too.
      Visit my restoration progress journal.


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        Ah sorry, misunderstood, yes vasoline maintenance is mandatory as the skin will and does re-adhere after infant circ - my mum was a children nurse who apposed it vs my father who is intact decided this is the best for me (idiot) Even with mum care I developed undiagnosed metosis stenosis till fixed in the 4th decade of my life - so actually caused after dribbles / messes on toilet rims till that time.
        I'm sure the glands on one side re-adhered more than the other even with all that Vasoline. Really Infant circ is Satans work for sure be it Jewish / Islam or Christian: We should not have been tortured and mutilated as we were created perfect in Gods image.


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          I have what I think is a vertical skin bridge from my head to the scar. It makes restoration tough. I tried even cutting it but I think it’s too wide and right at the base of my head, so it tugs deeply on my glans. If you are going to screw someone’s chances, may ac well do it right... sorry, I know we all are dealing with this, apparently, all I know how to do is bitch and make my like more miserable than it is.