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    Sorry to be admitting how old I am, but I first read The Missing Dimension In Sex, by Herbert W. Armstrong, in 1971.

    Up to that point, I had heard that in the long gone Bad Old Days, that doctors taught that masturbation was harmful to the bodies of both sexes, but that was superstitious nonsense that had been long debunked.

    So, I was genuinely shocked, to say the least that Mr. Armstrong was calling masturbation a perversion, of which there is no greater plague.

    And, it was the first time I had heard of the notion that male foreskin amputation prevented masturbation, something that again shocked me, and I knew was not true at all.

    Mr. Armstrong also denounced young girls performing clitoral masturbation.

    He also said that "all married couples" know and use the 2 most common positions for having intercourse, but how can they iknow what those 2 positions are, if the Apostle Herbert doesn't tell them what those postions are.

    Mr. Armstrong said that "if the Bible be our guide," that married couples should stick to these 2 most common positions and not experiment with other positions.

    Where in the Bible, is there anything written about positions that married couples are to have or not have intercourse in?

    In this book, which only had line drawings, that HWA would not send to unmarried minors, the penis is shown with no foreskin.


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      I was taught based in the church that sex was only for procreation and this was only when you are married. And because of this, my parents felt that I shouldn't really have sex education until I was married. Just think, if I didn't break away, I would be sitting here now at 29 without a clue just like my brother is now at 27.

      To show you how old my parents are, my mom first discovered the WCG in 1964 (age 11) where she met my dad later on (who heard a voice in his head tell him that my mom would be his wife) and they were marred in the church in 1973. So, they were in there for quite a long time! Way before that book was written.

      And also, my parents felt contraception was satanic because it goes against what god wants people do to which is to have children. Needless to say... I'm quite sure my parent's had horrible sex lives which explains the tension in the house because they had no way without offending god to enjoy themselves.

      Growing up was weird because if I was in the bath too long while bathing, I'd get knocks at the door wondering what is taking so long. Not because someone needed to use the bathroom. No, to check to see if I had somehow discovered masturbation.

      Some of the stores I'd told my girlfriend just shock her as to how I grew up. The weirdest part was when my parents visited me in Germany a couple years ago and met my girlfriend's parents, her parents have a false sense of who my parents are because they put on a good show in public as a first impression. So, even though we tell her parents about mine, it is hard for them to believe.

      At present, I still have a few of the evangelical people I know on Facebook still from the old religion that are still current in it. That was my old life and I know those people will never change. Their friendship means nothing to be... but, that doesn't mean I won't shake them up. I'm currently up to 4 permanent bans from old friends for shaking their beliefs. I had one person who after unfriending me forgot to block me. After a quick message to him telling him he was a dick for not debating on the separation of church and state, he said that he doesn't want me on his friends list anymore because he will post more articles like that and doesn't want me replying. Why would that be? Because I turned half his friends against him in the comments that agreed with my point of view. This is the problem with religions - ideas outside of the faith are dangerous. I know all too much about excommunication as it was practiced regularly in WCG.

      Oh, and... if anyone is wondering what exactly did I do about sex ed growing up? I did mention that I was happy to go college at age 16 and that's when I had access to internet that wasn't on dial-up. I could not even say how much porn was watched online during that time. It would be impossible to tell.


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        NITRO, I know one gentleman who was born in 1964, and his father died in 1971. He told me that his mother said her late husband, and his late father, believed that masturbation "caused mental illness."

        But, his mother was more enlightened, and told her son that if he felt the need to masturbate, that it was OK to do so.


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          My dad told me that if I touched myself inappropriately that god would punish me with children with downs syndrome.