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Overheard some shit.......could use a little support today.

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  • Overheard some shit.......could use a little support today.

    Ive been doin pretty well. More good days then bad, still get upset sometimes and everything. But I'm way better then I was a couple years ago.

    Yesterday I was at a small sandwich shop eating lunch. I was at a small table very close to a group of young women. They just so happened to be discussing a friend of theirs who is pregnant. The subject of Circumsicion came up, and one of them said something along the lines of
    "I don't know why people are concerned whether it reduces pleasure or not, they can still cum and that's all that matters" and another one said something like "it's a parents choice, and it's a cultural thing so those wackos need to stay out of it"

    the crazy thing about the whole deal was that one of them who had been kind of quiet during the convo spoke up and said her boyfriend was one of those "wackos" and he had been stretching his skin to try to make a new foreskin. They all laughed and seemed to think that was impossible but one of them was saying some super fucked up things about how that's disrespecting his parents choice they made for him and that he was some kind of huge asshole for trying to defy them in such a way.

    I was angry, and I knew if I said anything it would probably be a huge fuckin scene so I just finished my sandwich and left.

    I know that these "women" were just a bunch of dumb fucking kunts but the things they said wont get out of my head. It's really difficult for me to cleanse the anger from my mind right now.

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    Fuck them! Those are exactly the kind of women I refuse to even think about dating. Don't let it bother you. They are brainwashed sheeple. See about getting some infocards from Bloodstained Men to carry around to give to these ignoramises.


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      Yeah I know, most woman aren't like that. They seemed like spoiled rich girls.

      but even girls that get it can be a bit insensitive.

      My ex understood my feelings about it and supported me, she said that she wouldn't try to stop me from restoring, but that if I was successful and had a bunch of slack skin she would probably stop giving me blow jobs. But she was pretty rubbish at them anyway lol.


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        It's reflective of a common lack of knowledge and understanding on the topic. Nothing you could have said to the unsupportive women would have made any difference.

        Their views are based on an ignorance grounded in their upbringing and personal prejudices about sexuality that, as those who tried to educate the public, have found extremely difficult to overcome.


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          Would it be different if the boot was on the other foot; I.e, female circumcision or as it is also called female genital mutilation? What if that was as acceptable as circumcision for men?

          Not being closed minded, but if a group of men talking about female circumcision were overhead to say "but she can still get pregnant and that's all that matters" how much of an uproar would there be?

          Or are these women so lacking in education or thought that they don't realise the difference circumcision makes to sensitivity / sensation? Would they like sex to be pleasure-less?

          Ignore them.


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            Yes I've had similar - unfortunately it was at work very early in the morning - female college going on how great her brother finally got cut as an adult due to foreskin problems and reckoned it should have been done as a baby (You know the initial euphoria of an exposed inner skin and glands until it dries up and sensitivity drops leaving an on/off switch).

            Well I let here have it and boy was I loud ...... But at the end the day she is just a one of those "DUMB" females that should keep her mouth shut rather than offering opinions on male members ... If it's so good why did she go and have her clit and labia cut out ?
            Plus the thing with her brother .... if you are over weight foreskin problems are usually an early sign of health problems, so it's like treating the symptoms nature gives us instead of the root cause.

            Simply put .... YOU CAN"T help STUPID'S

            Yes with complete stupids it is better to remain calm and let it go -even though you really want to put an end to this $hit, but alas that only works with intelligent people.
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