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I feel like there's nothing i can do.

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  • I feel like there's nothing i can do.

    Hi. I haven't posted on here in awhile. Lately iv felt completly hopeless. I feel like there's nothing i can do to undamage what was done. I feel like iv gained alittle from restoration but in almost a full year I'm still stuck at ci-3, maybe not even all tha close to ci-4. I feel like it's barely doing anything. I did very well for 6 months but overall i feel like all its doing is giving me inner wrinkles and slight more skin to masturbate with.

    Cleaning a device every single day became increasingly irritating so iv been tugging much less. Recently i got a thick new wrinkle but it's still just another inner wrinkle and not actual length. Iv been so depressed over this for so long and at this rate I'm sure i'll be like this forever. Not being whole drives me crazy. I desperately need there to be a surgery to give me it back. I can't live my whole life like this. I can't handle it anymore. I don't even really know what ci i am anymore. Iv never had full on sex before but I'm scared i'll insert and not even feel anything with a condom on. This has fucked me up so badly ever since i was 11. Having something like this done to you and you having to just deal with it on your own with no surgery to help is horrible. Most people would think I'm crazy or that i need to just get over it but i can't. I would be ok with just a restored foreskin but i just don't see it happening. I'm not lazy but the results are so slow that I don't even know if I'm gaining anything valuable.
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    This is an extremely slow process. I'm 3 years into this and only at a CI 3.5 or so from a CI 1. Roughly the same stage as you. This is called "The Hump". It is the most miserably slow stage of the entire process. You just have to push on. Get back into your routine. The break you have been on is a good thing. At some point your skin just stops responding due to constant tension. It needs a break. When you start up again after a break, things start growing again. Hang in there, it'll happen.


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      Keep trying, you'll only get frustrated if you give up and things will never get better or change, sex has gotten better for me since I started restoring, you'll feel better for just trying even though progress is slow.


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        Try using something like Forced Erect Coverage to measure your progress on a month to month basis. If you are growing skin it will show up there first. It's more sensitive to growth than the coverage index. And if you are growing skin, you will gain coverage.
        Visit my restoration progress journal.


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          Keep in mind that around the CI-3/4 mark, many experience what appears to be little progress other than more wrinkles. that is a time that it an seem discouraging.

          However, that is just the appearance, the reality is that skin is growing, but the shape of the glans makes it difficult for the skin to drape over the glans. Take a look at your glans. Notice the flared edge, called the corona? that is a difficult thing for the skin to cover and remain in place. You need a whole lot more skin that what is needed, so that it will stay in place. But those wrinkles are getting you there. I had little increased coverage when I was at that stage, it seemed like nothing was happening. But eventually, the skin started staying over the edge of the glans more and more, little by little.



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            The CI3/4 area is where I'm stuck as well. However, I'm a very advanced CI3 and I know eventually I'll have more consistent rollover.

            Some things I've noticed in my CI3 range have been:
            1) FEC going higher (~150% for me currently).
            2) Random warm/cold climate retraction of the head where it stays covered (at first, this never happened or would happen for a few moments and not be consistent).
            3) Sex being way better. Well, it had started getting way better after the first few months of restoration/retaining, but now I have internal rollover which is wonderful.

            I know I am a ways to go before I hit more consistent rollover to CI4. I figure when I have more skin, then it will absolutely stay over. So keep growing and you'll get there soon along with me and anyone else in our situation.


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              Don't give up even though keeping your device clean may be a small chore in the resoring process. Make sure you are keeping it clean. As long as you are using gentle tension and sticking with the restoring process your skin will grow no matter what. Your not stuck at CI-3 because you can only make progress, it only takes time. I know the reality of the situation is hard to cope with but you can only get better.

              I however would not get surgery if I were you. that's highly unrecommended. Unfortunately what you have lost can't be replaced the way it once was. That's specialized tissue, with touch sensitive erotic nerve endings. Don't say fuck you to life, we need you here. Your best option is to keep restoring and tugging on.

              You know, when your inner foreskin will grow aswell and you will get some feeling back. this is your best option, to get some feeling back. Surgery will not add anymore feeling back into your penis but continuing restoring and growing your inner foreskin will. this is what you need to do not get surgery. Stick with the restoring process. It will work for you.

              You are not crazy. People are just ignorant to the facts. Just tell them to google circumcision damage. And that your upset about what you lost without your consent.

              The restoring process may be slow but give it time and you will get results.

              Despite the progess I have made and will have made, I use lube anyway.
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