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Tugging-Induced Urethral Sensitivity?

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    Wow, sounds like it would drive anyone crazy. Did the urologist rule out prostate issues?

    Best wishes


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      Sorry to hear it. There are several higher powered antibiotics out there, but they're risky, and they carry significant side effects. I would imagine your urologist is being cautious at this point. You might want to give him a chance.

      We'll keep fingers crossed for you.


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        Thanks for your updates.
        I’m sorry I didn’t see your post earlier. I suppose you have already decided whether or not to embark on your plane flight. If you did decide to fly, you might benefit from my story on your return flight.

        I flew into Portland, Oregon a mere 6 weeks after the 9/11 attacks on New York City and the Pentagon in 2001. Flight personnel had the jitters.

        When I booked the flight, I told the travel agent that, because of my medical need for frequent trips to the restroom, to specify that I wanted to be seated in an aisle seat near, but not right next to, the restroom. (Experience told me that you don’t want the seat right next to the restroom because the aroma of the restroom often wafts over you every time someone opens and closes the restroom door. Also, a line of people often forms near the restroom. This crowd can impede your ability to stand up and gracefully take your own place at the end of the line in the narrow aisle.)

        I was only later to discover that disclosing my special need was a good move because (unknown to me) the in-flight personnel were informed of such.

        Towards the end of the flight, we flew over the Cascade Mountains and the flight became somewhat bumpy. The pilot turned on the “Fasten Your Seatbelt” sign. I cringed because I knew this meant no bathroom breaks, which was going to be trouble for me.

        Finally, I could wait no longer. I had to go really bad. I got up and proceeded towards the restroom in defiance of the “Fasten Your Seatbelt” sign. Like an aviation pro, I proceeded down the aisle agilly, firmly grasping the handle on each seat for stability as I went, AND holding the palm of one had on the ceiling of the cabin to protect my head from smacking on it in the event we should hit some clear air turbulence, and the plane should suddenly drop.

        As I approached the restroom, the beautiful young stewardess in the jump seat said, “You’re supposed to be IN YOUR SEAT! The “Fasten Your Seatbelt” sign is on!”

        “I know,” I replied politely, “but I have a medical need for frequent trips to the restroom.”

        “I know that.” she said. “I know that you requested special seating arrangements, but the pilot put the light on. You are supposed to be in your seat! Can’t you just hold it!”

        “No, I can't hold it.” I replied. “I’m sure I’ll have an accident. Don't worry. The bumpy ride won't bother me. I'm hardy.”

        I proceeded to open the restroom door, and she angrily snapped, “Okay. I’ll inform the pilot!”

        After I finished my business, I proceeded back to my seat. A couple of passengers gave me dirty looks for being a bad boy.

        I was afraid that, upon landing, I might be confronted with Federal Marshals for defying some federal aviation law. But as I disembarked, the flight attendant and pilot were all smiles.

        Moral of the story: If you have a medical need to frequently and urgently use restroom facilities, let the airline know you are that kind of special needs person when you book your flight. If you don’t remember to, tell the ticket agent who checks you in that the crew should be informed of your medical need. Otherwise they might think that you keep heading to the restroom because you are yet another underwear bomber.

        World As Monkey Island
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        I declared myself finished restoring with 3/4 erect coverage (CI-8.5) in 2005. I primarily used T-tape, strapping up and around my waist.
        I've participated in NORM meetings in San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle (RECAP), and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

        Every doubt, reservation, or concern I had about my restoration was resolved by achieving additional foreskin LENGTH.....So just KOT !


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          Symptoms still bad. Going to schedule another appointment.
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            Thanks for the update. I don't know if urethral strictures would cause this kind of pain or not. I would imagine your uro guy thought of that, though. Fingers crossed and things will improve.