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Does circumcision prevent premature ejaculation?

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  • Does circumcision prevent premature ejaculation?

    Article on circumcision, premature ejaculation, and sexual performance.
    Can circumcision prevent premature ejaculation? Circumcision reduces sensitivity, but foreskin is important too. What should a guy do? The experts weigh in.
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    I don’t just have a taste for science, I am a scientist and I can see through pseudo-science bullshit quite quickly and I agree that the article is a “puff piece”

    The two papers quoted in the article both come from established peer reviewed journals (British Journal of Urology and International Journal of Epidemiology) but while both indicate that there are deleterious consequences from circumcision, neither are able to reach the conclusion that circumcision improves premature ejaculation. It wasn’t a valid research question in either study and quoting these to substantiate the article claim is wrong.

    There is another paper however published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, Somatosensory evoked potentials assess the efficacy of circumcision for premature ejaculation, which concluded, "The ejaculation time improvement after circumcision is so small, and equal to placebo response, therefore it could not be interpreted as a therapeutic method in men with PE"

    My gut feeling is that it is impossible to prove either way because we cannot conduct a controlled experiment to determine the effects with or without a foreskin; however the last paper is about as near as you can get to proper science in understanding this.

    Also there are a multitude of root causes which cause and contribute to PE and there are a first line treatments to try before resorting to hacking off 70% of the penile erogenous tissue. SSRIs are known to delay ejaculation, so are condoms and I’d be inclined to exhaust every other option before subjecting myself to damaging unwarranted irreversible surgery.


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      In my experience circumcision tends to prevent ejaculation altogether.


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        Hmm, maybe you should conduct a survey which one last longer because everyone has a different type of mental ability because I believe that ejaculation is in control of your mind and experience.


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          I may be able to shed some light on this from my experience. When I was intact, although I definitely had more sensitivity, I found I could bring myself right to the edge and hold it there seemingly forever by going real slow. The nerves contained in the part of your foreskin that's removed must account for this as I can no longer do that.