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Recurrent injury, need advice.

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    Originally posted by Science Monk View Post
    I've had a set of symptoms similar to yours. It starts as a sharp pain in my lower pelvic region, and then progresses as an overwhelming dull achy pain that encompasses my entire pelvic region, and sometimes goes up into my abdomen. It hurts so badly I can't even think. In my case, I know it is due to the fancy colo-rectal surgery that I had over 30 years ago to avoid having to have had an ostomy. I don't get a purple, or painful penis, like you report, but the extreme pain can interfere with urination.

    Tylenol #3 (acetaminophen plus codeine) was usually an effective treatment, but I didn't like being dependent upon a doctor to write a prescription for me. Then I found out that taking a prescription dose of ibuprofen (800 mg, or four OTC 200mg tablets) all at once was also effective treatment (Please be advised, the label on the bottle says that you should not use ibuprofen if you have had 3 or more standard alcoholic drinks in the preceding 24 hours because of a risk of internal bleeding).

    Ultimately, I found an herbal remedy that worked the best:
    Red Raspberry Leaf herb....
    ....and it has no side effects for me to deal with.

    Until recently, I was able to buy dried Red Raspberry Leaf herb in small quantities at a specialty foods market that had bulk herbs for sale. (but, alas, they discontinued it.) One U.S. dollar's worth lasted a long time for me. I take a pinch of the the dried leaves and chew on it like chewing tobacco, and the pain disappears in less than a minute (absorption must be sublingual). Then I swallow the wad for continued action.

    Red Raspberry Leaf is an anti-spasmodic herb. It is frequently used by women to deal with menstrual cramps. It's also used to promote the health teeth and gums, and to treat gingivitis. It is also used as an anti-diarrheal.

    Red Raspberry Leaf herb is also available in capsule form, made by Solaray and sold at Vitamin Shoppe outlets and other retailers of herbal remedies. It is also sold in tea bag form.

    Other anti-spasmodic herbs I've found useful are:
    1) Chamomile (also known as German Chamomile), often sold as a sleepy-time tea. (Please be advised, some people with ragweed allergies say they also react adversely to Chamomile.)
    2) Fresh Ginger Root.
    3) Cramp Bark - Another herb used as a menstrual cramp remedy by women. I've used the tincture sold in eyedropper bottles by Herb Pharm as directed on the bottle's label.

    Again, I'm not a licensed practitioner of medicine or herbalism. I'm just offering information on what worked for me on a trial and error basis.

    World As Monkey Island
    The red raspberry has been great, but now I have developed asthma symptoms, and am very frustrated... I will be buying some cramp bark tonight.

    DO you know ANYTHING else that might help me??? Anything similar to red raspberry herb??? Thank you again.


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        was the cramp bark effecctive? I just ordered some


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          Please anyone with suggestions I need help. The ultrasound results came back, and the doc says I am ok... BUT I am not...

          Any herb that can help with pelvic irritation/pain, please let me know... The raspberry leaf was great until it caused me an allergic reaction. I am currently taking damiana which helps but gives me diarea and headaches.

          There must be something that can help me.. The cramp bark did not help me at all and put me into a state of paralysis almost... it was hell.


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            Where do you live? Specifically. Nearest large city.


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              When dealing with chronic pain, once other physiological and mechanical issues are ruled out, neurologic anomalies have to be considered. I'll share a brief version of my history in case it helps you.

              Up until my late 30's, I suffered horribly with chronic testicular pain - at least 20 years worth. This pain was crippling at times - I could sometimes only tolerate going commando in sweatpants - the pressure of the fabric resting on my testicle was too much to bear. Over the course of many years, I had innumerable ultrasounds, prostate exams, CT/MRIs, etc. Nothing could ever be found, except some non-descript sclerosis on the front of my hip (pubis ramis). I have worked out all my life, so this wasn't surprising, and wasn't causing my symptoms. I suffered through many diagnoses of chronic Epididymitis, a Varicoocele (which I do have)...I even had one Urologist recommend a complete Orchiectomy...No thanks!!!!

              Finally, in my late 30s, I found my way to a neurologist, who eventually performed an EMG test on the nerves that traverse the pelvis on my left side. As unbelievably painful as it was, being slowly electrocuted through all parts of my leg and groin, it finally revealed my problem. The official diagnosis was that I had a very sensitive Femoral Cutaneous nerve on my left side - not damaged, just easily irritated. She did not pretend to know why...she said that a diagnosis with unknown etymology is very common in the neurological world, i.e. sometime you just don't know why. It is what it is. The pressure of the waist band on my pants was irritating the part of the nerve that is closest to the skin. This irritation was causing referred pain to "echo" through surrounding branches of the nerve and interpreted as testicular/scrotal pain a good 8 inches away.

              The treatment was no more tight pants...ever. This was fine with me - don't care if my pants are tight or not. I will admit that I walked out of her office thinking she was a quack, but decided to heed her advice anyway. It ditched belts for a while, and wore only my loosest pants. Within a week, the pain diminished. Within a month, it was gone forever. Nothing but a very bad memory. To this day, if I mistakenly put on a pair of tight pants, or notch my belt in the wrong hole, the nerve will flare up for a day or two to remind me who's boss,

              I don't know if you've looked into neurological causes for your issues, just be aware that pain in one spot is often a problem in an entirely different spot, and make sure to consult a neurologist in addition to you urologist. In the mean time, I'd look into Yoga and stretching. In my opinion, pain that is hard to diagnose can often be of musculo-skeletal origin, e.g. muscular tightness impinging on a nerve...that type of thing. Some pelvic and leg stretches may do you good.

              As far as the feelings of faintness go, I would definitely see a cardiologist before anything else to rule out cardiovascular issues. I did that myself when I began having issues with dizziness and then later, vertigo. Turned out the culprit there was a physically damaged nerve in my neck from whiplash.

              Hope you get some answers.


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                Originally posted by salamander6773 View Post
                Please anyone with suggestions I need help. The ultrasound results came back, and the doc says I am ok... BUT I am not...

                Any herb that can help with pelvic irritation/pain, please let me know... The raspberry leaf was great until it caused me an allergic reaction. I am currently taking damiana which helps but gives me diarea and headaches.

                There must be something that can help me.. The cramp bark did not help me at all and put me into a state of paralysis almost... it was hell.
                Sorry about your experience with the Cramp Bark, Salamander.

                One option you have, since the Red Raspberry leaf worked for you, is to try the Red Raspberry Leaf tincture sold in the eyedropper bottles. You would be doing this with the hope that whatever you are allergic to within the Red Raspberry Leaf gets purified out my the purification method. It's a gamble. You maybe still see an allergic reaction to components in the tincture.

                Another herb that is good for muscle spasms is Lobelia. It is also sold as a tincture. Lobelia is used by midwives to induce labor (so it is potent). It is also given to pregnant women at lower doses to relieve cramps during pregnancy. Lobelia is also an emetic - that is, something used to purposely induce vomiting. I use Lobelia when I have a kidney stone passing through a ureter. It prevents the ureter from going into spasm, and allows easier, and less painful, passage of the stone. Because Lobelia is potent, do not exceed the manufacturer's suggested dose.

                Lists of antispasmodic herbs can be found here:
                and here:
                and here:

                I've also used Valerian and Skullcap with some success. They are good bedtime herbs because they have a sedative effect. For me, they have more of a sedative effect than an antispasmodic effect. Valerian is sometimes called nineteenth century Valium because their effects are so similar. People were taking Valerian in the 1870s like people were taking Valium in the 1970s.

                Low-dose magnesium supplements have antispasmodic effects. I've used magnesium citrate at 200mg and 400mg doses. At higher doses, magnesium supplements are used as laxatives.

                An antispasmodic magnesium-containing supplement favored by bodybuilders is ZMA (zinc-magnesium-aspartate)(aspartate is an amino acid, better known as aspartic acid). ZMA was once thought to induce higher levels of testosterone in users, but when put to blinded studies, no increases in free testosterone ere found in test subjects using it. ZMA is very good at controlling spasm though, and without any estrogenic compounds within it.

                ZMA and magnesium supplements can be used to successfully treat bedtime restless leg syndrome. That's something your doctor may not want you to know. There are currently expensive prescription drugs on the market used to treat restless leg syndrome.

                World As Monkey Island
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                I declared myself finished restoring with 3/4 erect coverage (CI-8.5) in 2005. I primarily used T-tape, strapping up and around my waist.
                I've participated in NORM meetings in San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle (RECAP), and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

                Every doubt, reservation, or concern I had about my restoration was resolved by achieving additional foreskin LENGTH.....So just KOT !


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                  thank you all so much... i am currently trying l arginine again in combo with circulegs, thinking that it might be vascualar...
                  damiana is making me fatigued.