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Swimming as a cardio-vascular exercise?

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  • Swimming as a cardio-vascular exercise?

    Is swimming the best cardio-vascular exercise?

    Someone told me it is an excellent exercise when you're trying to lose fat but someone else told me the fat loss results are minimal and that swimming helps mostly in muscle building...

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    Yes, swimming is #1 in total body work out and cardio-vascular. Motocross is #2. If you want a REAL cardio, go snowmobiling and get stuck!


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      I don't know that I'd necessarily say it's the "best" cardiovascular exercise, as "best" is a subjective term. But many people would rate it as one of the best due to its full-body nature combined with low impact as compared to many other cardio exercises.

      If your main goal is to lose weight, your top concern should be diet, not exercise. If you want to lose weight and also be healthy, then diet and exercise. And gaining muscle will actually help with losing fat (distinction between fat and weight) by increasing your metabolic rate, as well as generally making you healthier.