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Which medicine will help me with my allergies?

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  • Which medicine will help me with my allergies?

    I am having really bad allergies that is causing me to wheeze (I am asthmatic). I am looking for an antihistamine that will not only help with my allergies, but will last a long time and not wear off so quickly. Right now I am taking benadryl which is helping with my asthma, but when it wears off in like 4-6 hours I start wheezing. When I start having problems with allergies I start to wheeze. So I need something that will tackle my allergies and is strong enough to last the WHOLE day. Also does {removed} help with the treatment of hives?
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    Please consult a physician. Nobody can diagnose your allergies over the internet, nor do we know which antihistamines are available in your country.

    I have edited several of your posts containing links to pharmaceutical sales websites. Please do not continue to do this.