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Pain and swelling on frenulum

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  • Pain and swelling on frenulum

    Hello, I'm new user. I'm 29 years old. I'm from Spain. I have been circumcised 3 years ago and started foreskin restoration 1 years ago. But today I don't going to talk about that. I have a problem with my frenulum since I was circumcised. My frenulum wasn't remove. Now it shows like bulging. But is worst when my penis is erect then my frenulum turn red and swollen.

    I don't know where I can put this thread sorry.

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    Feel free to post a picture here. Sounds like something you'd want to treat tenderly and watch carefully to make sure it's not getting worse. Take pictures weekly.

    Are you able to see a doctor?
    -Ron Low
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      Sometimes people may notice that the area around their lingual frenulum feels sore or tender. This may cause due to something visible like an ulcer or an injury. However, in some cases, the cause may not be as obvious. Behcet's disease, a rare condition in which inflamed blood vessels can lead to the development of sores.


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        How do you treat frenulum breve?

        The treatment for a short frenulum should always be recommended by a urologist, because, according to the tightness of the frenulum, different techniques, such as ointments with betamethasone or skin stretching exercises, can be followed. However, surgery is recommended in almost all cases.


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          Better to just see a doctor. This is your health