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Need Masturbation to restore.

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    Originally posted by Phoenix View Post
    Going to go back on my statement of not saying anymore, this once, because I need to set the record straight and not let you make statements about something that I did not say.

    Please, just re-read my original post. There is nothing in there about labelling yourself or anyone in any shape or form Gay because they masturbate; or even implying it. I would never do that. There is no shame in being Gay, Hetro, in-between or the many other labels that there are, it is just one aspect and one of the many variations of the human race. And yes, of course forms part of person's identity, so I would never question that or attempt to marginalise someone because of who they are. What I said and what I was hoping to get across, and it's only my opinion, is to be careful that it doesn't become an uncontrollable habit and more importantly be careful that it doesn't become a substitute for a relationship.

    The subject can be controversial because there are so many opinions on the matter and tightly held beliefs across the world.

    Apart from that, wank away if you want to; which I'm sure you will. I'm not trying to stop you or anyone from doing it, I personally don't care if people do or don't. Please stop trying to imply anything else. If you don't stop doing that I will request that you are removed from the forum.

    Why are you still posting on this thread? If somebody masturbates 13 times a day, Yes I would say said person has a problem. If somebody states Hey I enjoy masturbating 3 times to once a day. That does not constitute a problem. I'd be lucky if I could masturbate everyday, but honestly. It's probably 2-3 times a week. That's all I said, I'm a heterosexuals' man, who enjoys masturbation, and would like to find another restoring hetro guy whoo feel's the same. Then you launched your personnel attack, and diatribe on me accusing me of being a sex addict. So now, after continued harassments from you. You threaten to make a complaint, and have me removed? Mabey I should complain about you harassing's me on my own thread...


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      Hey guys, please refrain from the back and forth, personal attacks. Either contact him because he asked, or do not. Simple. Lets be supportive.


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        Originally posted by greg_b View Post
        Hey guys, please refrain from the back and forth, personal attacks. Either contact him because he asked, or do not. Simple. Lets be supportive.
        Indeed. Our forum policy on civility is simple:

        Our forum policy is to address the IDEA not the USER who posted it.

        Our policy is to address each user as if it was really a loved one hiding behind the screen name.
        -Ron Low
        [email protected]
        847 414-1692 Chicago


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          A combination of techniques may be helpful for restoring masturbation:
          • Spend more time with others
          • Exercise.
          • Find a support group.
          • Avoid pornography. Exposure to pornography may trigger the desire to masturbate.
          • Stay active.
          • Seek professional help.


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            Thanks, for your small personal Judgments.