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A comprehensive list and analysis of supplemental treatments and salves

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  • A comprehensive list and analysis of supplemental treatments and salves

    You're restoring, and that's great! But other than just stretching your skin regularly, what else should you know about treating your penis to ensure that it's healthy and sensitive? There are lots of different oils and creams and at least one injectable that purportedly contribute to a healthier penis. My goal in this thread is to assemble a list of all popular treatments (and maybe even some unpopular ones) and give a quick summary of their purpose, effectiveness, side effects, and cost.

    This first post will serve as an index (bottom of the post) and features an alphabetized list of supplemental treatments for your penis. In later posts, I will compile the information I find in relevant forum topics into some key information, including
    What is it? - The treatment in question.
    Purpose - Why would you use this? Is it for dekeratinization, improved sensitivity, growing skin faster, or something else?
    Dose and frequency - How do you use it? How much of it does one typically use and how often do you administer it? If it's a temporary treatment, how many times is it administered?
    Side effects - Are there any negative side effects associated with this treatment? This could be something as mild as discomfort or as severe as endangering your genitals (but I hope not)!
    Cost - How much can you expect to pay for this treatment? If it's ongoing, what is the unit price?
    Anecdotal evidence - Here, I will post a brief summary of the evidence in any relevant topics. I will try to leave no stone unturned, as it were, and make sure to list and describe every user's full experience with the treatment. I'll close with a one to two sentence conclusion as to whether this treatment is recommended or not. I will be very conservative in my recommendations.
    Relevant forum topics - Links to any forum topics that address the treatment in detail. I'll also post these under the index.

    I was going to work on a similar project in the old forums (I wonder if anyone remembers), but I was intimidated by the magnitude of the project. While surely a lot of valuable information was lost there, I'm actually a little excited to be able to do this from the ground up. You're welcome to help me out with this project! With enough treatments and summaries, I'd even like to compile this information into a Wiki.

    Below is an index of various treatments you might give your penis. Most of these are just treatments that I remember seeing in the old forums. I will edit this list as users chime in with new ideas or new topics arise. If a topic is listed below without a link to a thread, start one up and I'll post a link to it.
    African black soap
    Forum topic 1 (active)
    Alpha hydroxy lotion
    DMSO (dimethyl sulphoxide)

    Forum topic 1 (active)

    Forum topic 1 (active)
    Forum topic 1 (active)
    Milk Thistle
    Forum topic 1 (active)
    MSM lotion (methylsulfonylmethane)
    Forum topic 1 (active)
    Forum topic 2 (active)
    Olive oil
    ​Forum topic 1 (active)
    Papaverine cream
    Platelet rich plasma injection
    Red iodine

    Forum topic 1 (active)
    Tea tree oil

    Forum topic 1 (active)
    Forum topic 1 (active)
    Vitamin E

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