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How is cut at birth mans brain shaped in adulthood compared to if never cut?

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  • How is cut at birth mans brain shaped in adulthood compared to if never cut?

    I heard the brains of cadavers, if looked at without their bodies , if one of the brains came from a body that was missing a leg for example, that if someone lost their leg when they were 20 for example, then by the time they are old and dead, their brain Would have looked different, that if after they died and their brain were removed, someone could see only their brain, and know that it was the brain that was missing the leg, compared to a normal brain that would physically be shaped different on account of not having lost a leg. If that is true, then how does adult brain look of man who is cut at birth? What areas of the brain will be bigger and smaller? Will some areas never develop at all?

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    I think it's reasonable to assume the brain grows differently when sense organs are absent. It makes me wonder about the degree to which restoration can let a cut man approach an intact experience. It also makes me very skeptical about the merits of implanting lab-grown skin onto the penis surgically.
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      I heard women have bigger emotional centres in brain than men. I’d bet circumcised men have smaller emotional centres than uncircumcised. I feel a bit more emotionally in tune with my self since restoring , seemingly because with a more satisfying orgasm, my mind isn’t on sex constantly after. Restoring reminds me a bit of automatic meditation or recreational drug use in that my awareness has been changing somewhat . I heard meditators brains look different but don’t know how.