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Steroid Cream , Dermal Atrophy, HYPER-RESTORE scar tissue -- Advice??

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  • Steroid Cream , Dermal Atrophy, HYPER-RESTORE scar tissue -- Advice??

    Hello All

    I'm a long time restorer - been at it for 6+ years with breaks in between. I'll keep this brief -- basically I used Tug A Hoy in the beginning, then TLC Tugger, then a couple years ago I found out about Hyper Restore - I decided to give it a try even though the air method looked painful and potentially harmful. I ended up blowing too much air and caused some potential nerve damage/ numbness/ scar tissue in the form of small little white spots on the shaft.

    I went to a Urologist thinking there could be a way to break down the scar tissue. He prescribed me a steroid cream and I applied it liberally for a few weeks. Ever since, the skin on my penis has been thinner than before. The inner mucosal tissue is the part I am most concerned about, as I am aware that a lot of sensation comes from that area. I have considered things like the priapus shot, and am planning on seeing a dermatologist soon. I'm convinced that the thinness is part of the loss of sensation but I wonder if most of the sensation comes from the head. I've been applying Shea butter daily in order to keep the head smooth.

    It's gotten me pretty depressed -- after years of restoring and enjoying the fruits of my labor, I've since lost sensation.. it's not totally numb but it's not as it was before. I've seen a few urologists but basically they know nothing about foreskin restoration so I can very generic advice. I've attached a few pictures -- I would appreciate any advice --- it's been almost two years since the steroid cream use, and I've been told it's possible that the skin will get thicker over time. The uncertainty is bothering me... I keep researching stem cell, different kinds of creams, and I check foregen a lot. I wanted to attach a video to show retracting and back and forth but I was unable.

    Any advice you may have would be very helpful for my state of mind. Thanks.
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