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Techniques To Reduce Blood Pressure?

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  • Techniques To Reduce Blood Pressure?

    Hi everyone, I've not long joined the forum but its been really nice talking to others who are in a similar boat to me when it comes to foreskin. Besides that, I'm sure there's something else I've got in common with a lot of people here, my blood pressure is too high and I really want to find ways that I can help to bring it down to a safer level. I've started to improve my exercise regime by at least making sure that I do more walking and go to the gym around twice a week. My diet is difficult to get under control but I have been trying to cut out the more harmful foods. Besides those two obvious things, apparently there are a lot of other ways to help bring down or raise-up your blood pressure so I wanted to see if anyone on the site had tried any with some kind of success? Carrying out daily breathing exercises to reduce your breaths per minute, improving your sleeping patterns and even just listening to soothing and relaxing music are all meant to help apparently. It seems there are quite a number of devices out there on the market now that can help you too. I'm just having a look at a device called {removed} that is meant to help with blood pressure but I don't really know how it works at the moment. Something else I would like to buy is some equipment that easily monitors my blood pressure, heart rate, that sort of thing. You can now blood pressure watches for sale online quite respectfully priced that would probably be quite handy so I might go for something like that. I'm really determined to do this myself without the help of blood pressure pills as I know there are a lot of personal factors that I can improve on.

    Other than the watches, I quite like the look of the {removed}. It looks pretty easy to use and has plenty of features. You can store 100 readings per person for 2 separate people, not that my partner would really need to use it too as she passes pretty much every test with flying colours. She's always taken care of herself more than I have. Oh and it also makes sure that you have the armband connected correctly.

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    Here are lifestyle changes you can make to lower your blood pressure and keep it down.
    • Lose extra pounds and watch your waistline.
    • Exercise regularly.
    • Eat a healthy diet.
    • Reduce sodium in your diet.
    • Limit the amount of alcohol you drink.
    • Quit smoking.
    • Cut back on caffeine.
    • Reduce your stress


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      Originally posted by billmeback View Post
      go to the gym around twice a week.
      I've lowered my dose of Lotensin from 20mg down to 5mg and my BP is even lower than it was on the 20mg. I did this by cleaning up my life a bit. I wasn't sleeping enough and I wasn't exercising. I always figured that since I'm spry and do every activity quickly (e.g. I always run up stairs) that my body was getting plenty of exercise.

      Now I prioritize sleep, even if it means getting less done. And mainly I get cardio exercise. Here's how I fit that in. I have a low-end elliptical machine in my bedroom. So I just REFUSE to take a shower unless I precede it with an elliptical cardio session that gets my heart rate up to 160bpm. It costs almost no time. There's no going to a gym, no extra changing of clothes. Most of the time I precede the elliptical with 4 upper body exercises and sit-ups.

      I eat what I want, but it probably helps that I don't like a lot of meat or saltiness or fats. I only use caffeine when I need special alertness, like near the end of a long drive. Of course I don't smoke.
      -Ron Low
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