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Help! Peeing and Tugging issues

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    Wow thx for all the replies. I just started holding my pee for less than 2 weeks tugging with the tlc x. I will stop the habit of holding my pee. But maybe I do drink too drinking water to feel full after a meal. I also drink water even though I'm not that thirsty. I'll try to normalize my water drinking routine.

    Also I rethinked the positive effects of peeing whem mother nature calls. Every time I remove the tlc x my foreskin can circulate blood better for a brief time which may be a plus. The skin will also will have some rest and a cyclic growth may be applied. Oh also the more I apply the tugger I can get better and faster on it.....

    Oh, the TLC X has put a hole on my wallet......I cant afford another device. Also I have my bad experiences with tape and did manual instead for bout 3 yrs ago.



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      Your hands are the only device you need to restore. All those costly devices are absolutely unnecessary to restore.


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        Originally posted by hardacroposthion View Post
        Your hands are the only device you need to restore. All those costly devices are absolutely unnecessary to restore.
        I know that very well after 3 years of manual getting full flacid coverage with a little overhang.......but I kinda got tired of it.

        Also my foreskin is like a long cylinder and I still have to use a retainer to keep the glans in.
        ​​​​​I want to get that tapered look and full erect coverage with overhang. I admired the results of Ron(TLC Tugger), Chuck (DTR) and many others using devices.

        Also having more control on the results is better. I think this way when purchasing the tlc x...."I got only 1 life and 1 penis so its better to invest now then maybe years later I'll be very glad I did that".


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          If you really want a tapered pucker, you have to keep the foreskin all ringed up at all times. When you do so, the newer skin will start to grow slightly tighter than the original skin it came from.


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            I am no expert but perhaps I could provide some food for thought. I am sort of a food nerd. Most people dont need much liquid when they wake up in the morning. Of course there are exceptions to this rule. It is my opinion as well as others than yellow urine is a good thing. Your body requires specific cellular (inner and outer) concentrations in order to produce energy. Some people can actually feel the difference and know if theyre essentially "diluted" or not. Drink too much water and you dilute your energy production and disperse too much elecrolyte. See for yourself. Pay attention. Obviously listen to your body. You need "salts" to hold on to water as well. Use real salt products that contain a vast array of minerals and trace minerals not just sodium chloride and anti caking agents. If you consume too much you get thirsty. Try to drink slower and not chug so much. Even more ambient temperatured helps absorption. Drinking too many fluids with meals can also interfere with digestion and dilute your stomach acid etc...Celtic salt and "REAL SALT" from Utah salt beds is good in my opinion. Personally I dont worry about high blood pressure. Perhaps lots of pure sodium chloride can raise it too far for susceptible folks but as far as I understand the ratios are more important than the amounts. Eat a good variety of foods and you should get enough patassium to balance things out. Especially if you eat a lot of premade stuff with sodium. I personally supplement with magnesium but I suppose its not vital. Certainly heart protective and relaxing though. Your metabolism is higher with good concentrations of calories water and electrolyte etc..For those of you used to chugging water because you were told to. Maybe try to be intuitive instead. Animals only drink when theyre thirsty we should too. You should feel noticably warmer with some effort (or lack of? Notice your hands and feet are warmer with blood and your nose is warm too. Perhaps better flow down there. Lots of people I could source for this information but just look it all up. Its against conventional wisdom I know but doesnt it make so much sense? Stress hormones are lowered too with adequate nutrition and minerals without dilution. Everything works better. I know this is all unstructured sorry. Never said I was a writer. Yet. Most people are thirstier in the evening and are able to consume more liquids and watery foods without dilution and can maintain warmth and circulation. Helps you sleep good too. So yeah. Use a good salt. Even use small amounts of good salt in your water if youre sweating a lot. Dont drink if youre not thirsty. Listen to your body. I am not the best at doing that myself because life gets in the way but I do try and it can make a difference. If you dont get enough salt you can become increasingly thirstier because you osmotically cant hold onto it. Remember that. Some people even use refractometers to measure (very generally) there urine concentrations throughout the day and an map energy levels. But I think thats more to do with sugar so Im not super keen with that. Have a good day everybody hope I helped and got some gears turning


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              One more thing. Obviously both extremes are bad. I am not advocating going thirsty or using massive amounts of salt. Most people find however that "real salts" can be used more liberally because of less sodium. Its not as potent to the taste buds. Dark urine is bad. Too much salt or too little water and too high of concentrations in the body (like urine specific gravity?) can cause lots of problems. Headaches and feeling too hot, fatigue and other baad things. Good day!


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                I have some updates.

                Looks like cutting my liquids is not very good idea. My lips were chapping and my urge do drink gets stronger. I was also worried bout the uti stuff.

                Anyways I got better and faster applying my Tlc x so I dont find it a big bother removing and then peeing. Also abstaining from my favorite drinks (tea and coffee) is just upsetting.

                Anyways I also discovered on how peeing and hydrayted feels good.



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                  Yes, stay hydrated! Always! Everything works better with proper hydration levels.


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                    Nomad, it is OK now?