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Suggestions for avoiding a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

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  • Suggestions for avoiding a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

    This is my first post here, though I've been meaning to join for a while. I've been restoring for about 3 years now, but a recent event compelled me to write and get some feedback from the community.

    Over the weekend, I fell ill and had to go to the ER to take care of what turned out to be a urinary tract infection (UTI). It had progressed far enough along that the PA said I was actually septic (meaning the infection had spread to my blood). I'm 34 years old with no previous medical history and no family history of UTIs. I learned that UTIs in men are rare, especially if they are under the age of 60 or so. I informed the PA of my restoration, and after doing some cursory research she suggested I discontinue my restoration, feeling that the device (retaining cone, in this instance) was acting as a safe harbor for the bacteria that cause UTIs. I agree with her assessment.

    I've been doing this for a long while and this was my first instance of a UTI, so I feel that it was more my cleaning practices than anything, but I wanted to post to see if any others had ever had an issue with a UTI, or discomfort while urinating, and to learn how people typically clean their devices. I have always washed mine at least once or twice a day with soap and water and it's never been an issue, but now I am considering also using a no-rinse sanitizer (the same used for brewing beer) to eliminate all bacteria.

    At the very least, I wanted to let the community know that good hygiene is very important while using these devices. Even if you think you are being clean, as I was, there is likely room for improvement.

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    Just wipe it down with isopropyl alcohol each and every time you put it on, especially the pusher. This will not only kill any bacteria, but de-grease it as well for better grip. For an added bit of protection smear a very light coat of neosporin in the pusher where it contacts the glans. This will also act as a lubricant to keep the pusher from sticking to your glans making it more comfortable. No need to discontinue restoring. Her assessment of the retaining cone harboring the bacteria is wrong. It doesn't even contact your urethra. Sounds like she's a pro-circ quack IMO.


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      Were you using another device to restore as well? I don't see how a retaining cone in and of itself could cause a UTI. They don't touch or even come particularly close to the urethra assuming it's being worn normally. If this is one of Ron's cones and was being cleaned with soap once or twice a day, I don't see how it could harbor bacteria. The cones are not porous and don't have any nooks or crannies that are difficult to clean.

      This is not the first UTI I've heard of though. It's important to keep devices clean and to make sure you get all the urine out before putting a device back on. This means milking out and making sure no stale urine is being left behind to linger in and around any devices.

      I wash my devices daily with hot water and dish soap.

      I would not pay much attention to her proclamation regarding foreskin restoration. The American medical establishment has collectively made it clear that they believe the foreskin is worthless and without purpose, so any efforts to regain the function of one is a waste of time in that way of thinking.
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        People who get frequent UTIs find D-mannose to be a very useful natural remedy. You can buy it at the health food store. D-mannose is the major active component of cranberry juice, which has been used as a folk remedy for UTIs for centuries.

        D-mannose is a simple sugar that we humans do not metabolize. It is excreted in the urine. D-mannose binds to the cell surface of bacteria in a way that, in turn, inhibits the ability of the bacteria to bind to the inner surfaces of your urinary tract. When the bacteria cannot bind to the surfaces of the urinary tract, they tumble about in the urine until flushing action of urination carries them out of the body.

        (Many companies sell D-mannose. I like the NOW Foods brand D-Mannose 500 mg-120 Vcaps. D-mannose is sweet. You can just take the caps as directed on the label, or you can open the caps and use the D-mannose to sweeten tea or foods. The last time I bought it off the shelf, I found it at Whole Foods Market for about $35 USD. It’s usually in the Women’s Health Section because women get most of the UTIs.)

        Read the rave reviews for D-mannose products on Amazon:

        D-mannose is great for people who get frequent UTIs, and who prefer to treat themselves rather than relying upon the medical establishment. They say D-mannose works better than the antibiotics which mess up your entire system. D-mannose is more specific for bacterial UTIs than the antibiotics. Because D-mannose does not mess up your entire system, it can be used prophylactically whenever danger of UTI may be suspected, as well as a treatment once a UTI is established.

        The first symptoms of of a UTI are usually a burning or itching sensation upon urination, and a urgency to go frequently. Common reasons for this set of symptoms include:
        1) UTI
        2) kidney stone (or bladder stones, which are rarer)
        3) STD
        4) ruptured blood vessel in kidney
        The presence of any small particles in the urine, whether it be bacteria or you own blood cells, cause the burning or itching sensation and an urgency to go.

        However, if you also have fever and/or chills, don't go it alone. Report to a medical facility to get the antibiotics too. Use of D-mannose will not interfere with antibiotic therapy in any way. Fever and/or chills are a sign that the bacteria are migrating up your ureters to cause a kidney infection, which is very bad.

        If you have fever and/or chills, go to a medical facility whether you believe that you can afford to or not. You do not want to risk losing your precious kidneys. In the U.S., you WILL be given appropriate antibiotic treatment. It’s like a secret of state and a matter of socio-economic policy. It is much much cheaper for the social welfare system in the U.S. to treat every case of UTI that threatens the kidneys than for the government to ultimately pay for kidney dialysis if you lose your kidneys.

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          Since you are washing it regularly and effectively, then have you thought about how long you leave it in place and whether you are tending to reduce fluid intake and/or holding your urine to reduce the number of times you have to take the device off and put it back on? Either of these could potentially contribute. You might try drinking more water and making sure you pee several times a day and your pee is mostly clear.



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            I'm with greg-b, personal practices beyond just equipment use are important, and I'll add, just washing your device surfaces (ALL of them) may not be enough in some cases.

            Certainly also wash your genitals (soap and water). The usual caution on forums, thankfully only from a few, against using soap (like it's the Great Satan rather than the Great Savior for everyone), can lead to exactly this kind of situation. Of course, if there's a signif. other in the picture then that person may be part of the UTI reservoir picture, but ... then it gets tricky. But you gotta know, or you'll head down that path again.

            If I were you, I'd also look into what was meant specifically by a "UTI" (this is more generic than specific). If it was actually a prostate infection, as an example, or one of the other adjacent organs which were involved, then you need to know that. In other words, what the actual source was (if known, many times it isn't), both for patient education, and as a safety issue, because septicemia is nothing to play with.

            I have the feeling that there was more to the story, because by the time you're actually septic, you would've known you were muy sick with something.

            And by the way, isopropyl alcohol doesn't kill much of anything (it's hell on yeasty bugs, sometimes). But you can use it after you wash equipment because it will displace most of any trapped water (assuming there is any), which could harbor and support bacteria, so it isn't a bad suggestion. Same for hydrogen peroxide, won't kill anything. (But, as part of Info"s contribution to chemistry/woodsy lore, it can be useful for a puncture wound, bubbles up debris that's otherwise hard to get to).

            And you didn't mention if you were diabetic, or have something else that can play with your immune system. All stuff to know. We don't need to know it, I hasten to add, but you do.

            Thanks for your post; it gives us the opportunity to visit a real issue with equipment, hygiene, and knowing the wider picture.


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              It's nothing to brag about but I'm pretty lax when it comes to cleaning my Tugger and I've never had a UTI. Guess I'm just not as susceptible as others.


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                I appreciate all of the comments! I think, going forward, I will be sure to (1) make sure there's no urine lingering, (2) periodically sanitize the pusher and cone, and (3) more thoroughly rinse the penis. Ron's website states to only use clear water to wash the tip of the penis, and I've read a bit about soap drying/not drying things out here, and IMO it's not going to do much harm if applied for just a moment. Much appreciated again, thank you all.


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                  There are two conflicting camps here.....soap or no soap. I use sebamed liquid face and body wash ( that is ph neutral 5.5 and no soap.

                  I use it on my face so it should be fine with the glans right? Also does it eliminate bad bacteria and keeps it not dry?

                  I want to have the best of both world and certainly getting UTI is scarry.


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                    I had several UTI requiring brief hospitalization using the DTR and I think this was party due to it causing irritation by pushing the glans within my body. I've discontinued use and no problem since.
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                      Originally posted by gdom View Post
                      I had several UTI requiring brief hospitalization using the DTR and I think this was party due to it causing irritation by pushing the glans within my body. I've discontinued use and no problem since.
                      What methods you apply now...manual tugging?


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                        I'm using the TLC tugger, cross taping, and the inflatable device I've forgotten it's name right now.
                        Started CI-0 with no movable skin and 0% FEC

                        Currently at CI-4 with 64% FEC

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                          I had two UTI episodes (one required hospital treatment) in the 1990s before I ever restored. None since I started restoring. So much for circumcision protecting against UTIs.
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                            I clean my device with plain soap and a toothbrush while showering and I rinse it thoroughly and pat dry. Then I blow out any holes.

                            I permit no soap or cleanser labeled "anti-bacterial" in my home.
                            -Ron Low
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                              We all should be cleaning our devices on a regular basis, and we probably don't do it enough. You could soak your device in a mild bleach solution, or wipe it with povidine scrub, or even wash it in your dishwasher. (The heat cycle kills bacteria).
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