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Suggestions for avoiding a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

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    If the urinary meatus is somehow pulled open while you're retaining, then it could easily raise the risk of infection. With a cone, cross tape, o-ring, or whatever else, you'll want to make sure that the skin isn't pulling on the sides of the glans and opening up the hole. Once the device is applied, check to see whether everything stays in place if you get a semi-erection.

    Of course, if you've been restoring without incident for 3 years, maybe that's not it. There are all kinds of possible causes; if your physician assistant couldn't offer any educated guesses, I doubt we could do any better. It could be anything, from swimming at a polluted beach to masturbating with dirty hands - say, for example, while sitting at the computer using a dirty keyboard.


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      Bumping this...

      The importance of cleaning your device and your penis FREQUENTLY during restoration cannot be overstated. I've started restoring after a 5 year hiatus. Back then, I was very lax about cleaning my restoration gear/penis, and ended up on an IV in the hospital for a severe UTI.

      Water alone won't do it. It simply cannot adequately remove the bacteria that have collected on your device and penis. Worth noting that the bacteria that cause UTIs are everywhere; in the air, on your clothes, hands, etc. They're harmless, unless they find a warm, moist place inside your body with plenty of nutrients... in other words, your urinary tract.

      By their very shape, plunger type restoration devices apply force to the glans of the penis so as to slightly widen/open the meatus (pee hole) - an open door invitation for bacteria.

      To avoid a UTI, I recommend using a germicidal soap that is specially formulated for sensitive skin, such as Tattoo Goo's deep cleansing soap. Yes, it's made for new tattoos aftercare, but it is great for restoration, because it doesn't contain the harsh quaternary compounds of regular antimicrobial soaps, it is long-lasting and it is pH balanced to maintain the normal acid pH of the skin, which is a bactericidal environment.

      Wash your device, hands and penis each time you apply (or reapply) your device.


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        Just make a thorough clean to avoid it I guess