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Is testosterone the hormone responsible for the urge to masturbate?

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  • Is testosterone the hormone responsible for the urge to masturbate?

    It has been a few days since I last masturbated. All day today I have been feeling the need / urge to ejaculate. I wondered if it testosterone that drives the urge to masturbate?
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    Do a search, let us know what you find. Also research the neurotransmitter dopamine.

    But, so that you won't misunderstand, I'll paraphrase parsecskin from another thread, and say "it's complicated". Way more complicated than a one-substance situation, especially when it comes to deciphering the unknowns of human behavior.


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      Hey Hooded,
      did you find any answer or solution?


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        Yup, T is the key! Why do you think teens jack off so much? Answer: because their T production is in overdrive. Hell , even a 54 it's like an apple for me. "A jack a day keeps the proctologist away"! Lol.


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          I discovered the web site of Dr Paul Turek
          There is a lot of good information on men's fertility and also, relevant to me, a succinct explanation of age related decrease in ejaculate and sperm production. I am 70 years old and still need some sexual stimulation in my life. Because of the age-related decrease in the volume of my ejaculate, I have given up wanking some time ago. I am not going to waste it up the glass in the shower cubicle when my wife and I enjoy intercourse at least twice a week. Following my research on Dr Turek's site, I have had my testosterone tested and it is low, but not unduly so for a man of my age. My doc (a beautiful young lady and living proof that the British National Health Service is wonderful) advised against T supplements. For men such as myself who retain a reasonable sex drive she is of the opinion that unless the T count is abnormally low,T supplements can do more harm than good. She has, however, prescribed Viagra to improve the quality of my erection (and how!!!!) and all for free on the NHS, can Obamacare compete with that? Like Parsec's apple a day, her advice is to "use it or loose it".

          The best bit of the consultation was the examination. She asked whether I would like to book a new appointment with a male practitioner – what would you have done? I am reasonably well-hung and have restored to the point where my penis looks uncircumcised with a puckered "foreskin" at my usual flaccid length so I was pleased to drop my pants. She is the first person other than my wife who I have told about my restoration and the restoration process. She made a note of this web site and our forum, so if you read this Dr A – respect!