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How many men in the US have restored?

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  • How many men in the US have restored?


    Just wondering if there is any data/surveys on how many people have restored. I'm guessing a lot of us have had the experience of people reacting to restoration with disbelief and finding it bizarre - I don't personally know anyone else who is restoring.

    (I know we're in the right, I'm really not worried about people thinking I'm weird especially since I don't tell many people. I'm a numberphile, it would really make me happy to put a number on this thing)

    Hang in there kids!

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    I don't have an answer for you about statistics of restoring.

    What I want to comment on is conversations I've had with several of my close friends about restoring my foreskin. When I talk about this I also bring up a woman's belly skin expanding while pregnant. My friends haven't had a hard time grasping this. Any of the friends I've told have been supportive. Both male and female.
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      That would be a question for Ron. He knows how many customers he has from his computer records. Those sales 6 yrs and older should provide a fairly accurate figure, given that 5-6 years is the average restoration time. And that's just one vendor.


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        Estimate of world population of males over the age of 15: 2,725,115,365
        Percentage of men who are circumcised: ~33%
        Therefore, number of men over 15 yrs. who are circumcised: 899,288,070

        Number of members on this forum: 1,441
        Therefore, 0.00016% of circumcised men have found their way to this forum.

        Of course not all men who have restored will be members here, and not all members here have restored. Still need to spread the message to 99.999% of circumcisees.



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          My post should not have included the world's non English-speaking population. So if about 25% of the world population has some understanding of English, then among them there are 224,822,018 circumcised men over 15 yrs. So 0.00064% of those have joined us. I wonder if there are forums and device suppliers serving people who speak only other languages?


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            There are many many more guys who are restoring that are not on this or any other forum, so your estimate is severely short.


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              I agree with you - I acknowledged this limitation. There are also many people registered who have "fallen by the wayside" and given up or forgotten about it, or never even started (or female). It sounds impossible to get a good estimate, but that was a first stab at it. My main point is that I think the number is very small relative to the total number of circumcised men. After receiving a lot of inspiration and know-how, I think it would be extremely difficult and rare to go through the process completely on your own.


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                I'm not so sure about that. I got cut as an adult and immediately knew I had made a huge mistake. If I had even known that you could actually grow new skin back then, I would have put 2 and 2 together and figured it out. Tissue (skin) expansion has been around for a long, long time. I never even gave much thought to the way fat people's skin expanded to accommodate their increased size or how they grow new skin for burn victims. At the time I didn't even have a computer and the Internet was nowhere like it is today. If it had been, I would have researched circumcision and not have gotten cut in the first place.


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                  Ok, I'm having a boring day Forget the number of people registered here. Ron also has a YouTube channel, and on that channel he's posted 32 videos with a total number of view hits just shy of 737,000. For the sake of argument, lets say that every single hit was by a unique individual who became a restorer and purchased a TLC. Lets also say that Ron has only a 10% market share among English speaking restorers (90% use another device or manual techniques). That gives 7.4 million restorers. I think this is an extremely high estimate. But it is still just 3% of the English speaking circumcised adult male population. If it were that high, I think we'd hear a lot more about foreskin restoration and Ron would be extremely wealthy. My sense is that the vast majority of circumcised men never give this more than a passing thought. I wish I were wrong and the majority of people used their critical thinking skills like you and me. Maybe Ron could at least tell us if he's sold more or less than 1 million units.
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                    A few years ago Massachusetts and Colorado both had legislative matters relating to infant circumcision. In both cases I submitted briefs to the committees hearing the matter. I ran the numbers to find and show how I estimated that for roughly every 100 babies presently cut in each of their states, and man presently undertakes restoration. In a state like California where few babies are cut and presumably many men restore, the 1:100 ratio would probably not hold, so I can't say I've answered the question, but something to think about.
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