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Can tugging become addictive?

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  • Can tugging become addictive?

    I have been tugging for over 11 years. I started in my late 50s when I stumbled across some restoration information on the internet. I was circumcised in infancy, and once I started researching the negative consequences for sexual health in my advancing years, I knew I had to do as much as possible to reverse the damage. Now, after diligently restoring with a range of appliances (home made and bought online) I have a generous amount of faux skin that covers my glans when flaccid and even stays in place when erect. I am now finding that the tugging habit is hard to break. My main method towards the latter stages of my "remodeling" was via inflation using a tuba mouthpiece fitted with a valve and a retainer. The device works like a charm, not fast, you understand – nothing is fast in this game – but I can really feel the tension and have come to enjoy that feeling. And there is the problem. When I get up in the morning, on goes the inflator for an hour or so, without fail, every morning that I can. It is no longer the result (extra skin) I'm after, it is the inflated feeling that is my goal. It is not even a sexually charged sensation, just sort of "comforting". Has anyone else experienced tugging for tugging's sake, or do I need help?

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    Woddy, I've been reading your posts for many years, and I don't think you need any help at all.

    You've got a great addiction that I wish I could get.

    If anybody needs help, it's other Foreskin Restorers and would be Restorers, who need help in getting the great addiction that you have got.


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      I wouldn't say addictive. For instance I wear bib overalls to work every day and have for past almost ten years. And if I wear jeans one day I feel weird like almost naked. It's become a familiar comfort. So if you've been doing this for eleven years I would think your just used to the feeling and feel more comfortable with it on. Like a favorite shirt or blanket.


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        It sounds to me like tugging has become a part of your life and is simply a routine that you find comforting. There's nothing wrong with that. I've been restoring for over a year now, and whenever I don't wear my device (say I'm going on a date), I tend to feel naked. That being said, it has become exciting for me to occasionally walk around without my TLC-X. It's like a newfound sensation that I haven't experienced for years. Anyway, I think you're fine, especially if you want to keep growing more skin.